XtraSpace Bellville Cricket SignIn keeping with our strategy to give back to the areas in which we operate, XtraSpace has sponsored the Bellville Cricket Club for their 2013 season.


Ahead of our facility opening in Bellville, this sponsorship looks to a meaningful relationship with the Club as well as the residents and businesses of Bellville and the surrounding suburbs.


The Bellville Cricket Club was founded in 1908. Willie Morkel was the first captain of Bellville and played an instrumental role in establishing the club’s first amenities.


One of his five sons represented the Springboks that toured the British Isles in 1929. The club has 7 Senior sides, 1 Social, 2 Ladies and 12 Junior sides. The club welcomes all that want to learn, teach, talk and play cricket.


To misappropriate Benjamin Franklin: “Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. We look forward to a happy association with the Bellville Cricket Club and wish them everything of the best in their forthcoming season.


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