XtraSpace Self Storage has a tradition of building affiliations with local organisations in the areas in which they operate. Given the school’s proximity to XtraSpace’s Durban Central facility and XtraSpace’s Durban North facility, XtraSpace has become one of the sponsors of  Glenwood Preparatory School.


History of Glenwood Preparatory School

Glenwood Preparatory School has emerged over the past decade to become a leader in Primary School Education in KZN. The School is 103 years old and celebrated its Centenary in 2010, the same year that South Africa hosted the Soccer World Cup. With 860 pupils from Grade 1 to 7, the school is popularly referred to as ‘The School That Cares’.


The dynamic Board of Governors and staff team have met the challenges of the 21st century with enthusiasm and commitment and the school today, offers a much sought after, all-round educational package. Coupled to this, the magnificent Victorian architecture has been significantly upgraded in recent years and the school now boasts a state of the art Media Centre, which forms the nucleus of the stimulating and relevant academic programme.


In addition, well designed and equipped Science, Design, Technology, Computer and Multi-Purpose Cultural Centers provide the pupils with a wonderful opportunity to excel in these disciplines, whilst a motivated and committed staff team ensure that the academic programme remains at the forefront of the school experience.


Glenwood Prep Grasshoppers in the making
Glenwood Prep Grasshoppers in the making.


Glenwood Preparatory’s Comment on its association with XtraSpace Self Storage, Durban

Glenwood Prep is excited to announce that XtraSpace, the Self Storage Experts, have opened two facilities in the Durban area. In addition, XtraSpace supports the extensive Extra Mural Programme i.e. “Sports for All” at Glenwood Preparatory and all connected to the school look forward to the relationship that will no doubt blossom between these two parties. Visit the School’s extensive website: www.glenwoodprep.co.za, which abounds with exciting information related to the School.


XtraSpace Self Storage is extremely proud to be associated with this fine institution.

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