Women’s Day is the day where the focus on women ranges from generalities of respect, love and appreciation to social, economic and political advancement of women. 


In the workplace, the day is used to honour the special skill set that women bring.

  • Women are more intuitive and bring in all points of view – an essential skill in today’s complex working environment.
  • Values are more emphatic from a woman’s perspective – women tend to be more supportive.
  • Fostering a stronger support system, women tend to be solid networkers who help each other out – assist and support.

One of the most prevalent weaknesses of women in the workplace is their lack of confidence in their ability, this and…………driving!


Which leads us to what the XtraSpace women did for Women’s Day this year!


On Thursday the 8th of August, 18 women braved the cold Highveld morning for an early start at Gerotek to do an Advanced Driving and Car Control Course with


Adrenalin Specialised Driving Academy

The course offered practical modules which also included safety, hi-jack prevention and general maintenance. The day began with a lecture followed by various practical modules which included skid pan, aquaplaning, seating, seat belt and slalom training.


What followed was a day of great fun, speed, safety and a huge learning curve for all the women on the day.


Thank you to the XtraSpace Team and Team Adrenalin for an incredibly empowering experience, one that will be taken and implemented in our daily lives.

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Team XtraSpace Ladies
Team XtraSpace – ladies from
Cape Town, Durban and JHB.
Deon teaching hi-jack prevention skills
Deon, from Adrenalin teaching
hi-jack prevention skills.
Vic Rich
Vic Rich teaching Team XtraSpace
the finer skills of skidding.
Aquaplaning on the day.