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On 28 June, staff from XtraSpace, Ecobox and SpaceBox joined forces, participating in a vetkoek and mince cook-off for Meals on Wheels.


Our team prepared and packaged a total of 300 meals. Then we had the pleasure of handing out the meals and interacting with the people at the Ebenezer Hannah Home in Walkerville.


Some of our photos from the day

Our team donned gloves, aprons and hair nets, peeled, chopped, cried over the onions and cooked up a storm, preparing golden vetkoek and tasty mince – ideal food for fighting hunger in the winter weather.


meals on wheels meals on wheels  

Well done to everyone for their teamwork and their chopping, cooking and “vetkoek stuffing” skills!


We packaged the food, packed it into the waiting van and made our way to Walkerville.


meals on wheels ebenesa hannah  

Then came the most rewarding part of the day – handing out the 300 meals we’d prepared to hungry kids and the elderly at the Ebenezer Hannah Home.


ebenezer hannah home

About the Ebenezer Hannah Home

Founded in 1992, the Ebenezer Hannah Home is a non-profit organization that houses, feeds and clothes underprivileged children and destitute old folk, of all colours and creeds.


ebenezer hannah home ebenezer hannah home

The Home was founded by Pastor Thomas Merime and his wife, Shirley Merime – both of whom grew up as orphans themselves. Today, it provides a much-needed home for orphaned children, as well as elderly people who have nobody else to turn to.


To offer sponsorship or donations, please contact the Ebenezer Hannah Home via its website.


About Meals on Wheels

Operating in South Africa since 1962, Meals on Wheels currently provides upwards of 2 million meals a month to more than 12 million hungry South Africans.


Visit the Meals on Wheels website for more details about what it does and how you can help make a difference.