XtraSpace Self Storage facilities across the country are donating storage space for water, for use by WATER for PAWS.


xtraspace donates space water for paws

Cape Town is facing the worst drought in a century or more – and when there’s a water crisis, it’s not just people who suffer.


Already, animal rescue centres in several areas are facing water shortages. If “Day Zero” arrives, all animal rescue organisations and independent animal rescuers are likely to struggle to supply thirsty animals with enough water.


About WATER for PAWS

WATER for PAWS establishes water drop-off and collection points across the country, and arranges transportation of the water to the animal shelters where it’s most needed.


This is just the type of caring, community-oriented, South African initiative we feel proud to sponsor.


The organisation was started by a single Cape Town resident, Fiona Dimio. Worrying about the implications of the Cape water crisis for animals, she put up a simple Facebook page, as a platform for getting and organising water donations for rescue animals.


Within a matter of days, the initiative had taken off, with donations and offers of assistance pouring in from around the country.


Says Fiona, “Never ever did I expect the response from not only Capetonians but people from as far as KZN, Bloemfontein, Eastern Cape and Gauteng. ALL IN JUST A FEW DAYS!!”


How to help WATER for PAWS

WATER for PAWS has continued to grow, with support from individuals and companies.


At XtraSpace, we’re able to assist by offering the use of secure self-storage units, where collected water can be temporarily stored, at a number of our nationwide branches.


To find out more, donate water or offer other support, contact WATER for PAWS via its Facebook page, email waterforpaws@gmail.com or contact one of the initiative’s area collection organisers directly.


For more information about our self-storage facilities, contact XtraSpace on 01 09 777 777 or call a branch near you.

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