surviving the post office strike

After a wave of on-again, off-again postal strikes dating back to February 2013, South Africans can’t be blamed if they’re losing faith in the national postal service.

With the latest strike, undelivered mail and packages are continuing to stack up at depots across the country – and with the Christmas rush just round the corner, it seems there’s little likelihood of relief ahead.

What started off mostly as peaceful strike action has turned nasty in several cases, and according to the latest report from the SABC, the current strike is no closer to being resolved.


What the strikes mean for businesses

For many businesses, the postal strikes are more than just a nuisance.

If you rely on the post to get mail or parcels to your customers, or to order stock, chances are that you’ve been hit hard. Irate customers, delays, duplicated orders and time spent sorting things out all add up to financial losses.

Similarly, companies that can’t get invoices to their clients are being faced with direct financial consequences. Payments are likely to run late, if they come in at all.

In some cases, it’s possible to send accounts and business documents to clients electronically. However, not everyone has e-mail – and not all companies have their clients’ e-mail addresses.

Last but not least, the post office strikes have put a dent in many companies’ advertising and public relations campaigns. According to the Direct Marketing Association of SA, a failure to deliver literally millions of letters has affected campaigns by banks, insurance companies and retailers, among others.


XtraSpace Express strikes back

xtraspace expressWith our XtraSpace Express courier service, you can get mail and goods – ranging from small items to freight – to the needed recipients, quickly, safely and at affordable rates.

XtraSpace Express operates both within South Africa and internationally, with depots at all XtraSpace branches. We offer:


  • a same-day, door-to-door courier service covering ten major cities in South Africa
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  • a special service for guaranteeing the secure delivery of sensitive legal and business documents
  • domestic road freight for heavier items
  • an international courier service for documents and parcels
  • real-time parcel monitoring, so you can track the location of your parcel at any time and from any location.

We’re ready to handle any challenge – so don’t let the postal strikes slow you down! Contact us today and we’ll be delighted to help.


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