storage rentalThe demand for storage rental space has soared in South Africa. More and more people are migrating between cities in search of jobs and require safe storage for household contents. Others simply need additional storage space to stow furniture, books, business files, retail stock and other unused items off their premises.


Multiple self-storage facilities

XtraSpace operates multiple self-storage facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. All of the facilities offer competitively priced storage solutions. Customers can choose from a wide range of unit sizes and retain control over locking and unlocking the units themselves. Options include units with drive-in access, dedicated floor space in the interior of the facility and outdoor solutions for vehicular storage.


XtraSpace rental storage is for everyone

There are countless reasons why people rent storage space. We recognise this at XtraSpace and have tailored our unit sizes and rental arrangements to meet diverse customer needs. Whether you’re a university student looking for low-cost temporary storage space over the holidays, someone hoping to store a Porsche in a safe, climate-controlled environment, a senior citizen moving to a retirement village or a couple downsizing due to an empty nest, you’ll find suitable storage options at our facilities.


At XtraSpace, we offer units that range in sizes from 3 to 33 square metres. We provide state of the art security at all our facilities, as well as flexible, month by month rental arrangements.


Simple step by step self-storage solutions

Securing rental storage at XtraSpace is an easy process comprising these steps:

  • Size assessment – you choose a unit size based on the space you require. Our friendly and experienced team is more than willing to assist.
  • Get a quote – we’ll provide a quote quickly and professionally.
  • Pack – we have durable packaging materials available onsite.
  • Deliver – we offer independent courier services and trailers for hire. 
  • Move – trolleys are available on request.

Storage rental FAQs

Q: Can I upgrade or downsize the unit if my storage needs change?

A: Yes, you can change your unit size by arrangement.


Q: Are storage units for rent available on both short and long-term contracts?

A: Our rental terms are month to month, so there are no long-term contracts.


Q: Is an upfront deposit payable?

A: Yes, we ask for one month’s rental as a deposit, payable upfront.  


Q: What is the notice period to vacate a unit?

A: We require 30 days notice.


Q: Are the units self-lockable?

A: Yes, all our units are self-lockable and you retain the key.


To find out more about our versatile storage solutions and to request a quote, you can:

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