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268 Commissioner Street, City and Suburban Johannesburg

268 Commissioner Street, City and Suburban Johannesburg


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Studio Apartment

Apartment: It is popular for storing seasonal items such as, camping gear, sporting equipment and also ideal for business document storage. Apartment includes small mattress (twin or single), compact desk or small table, small bookshelf or storage shelves, boxes of clothing, shoes, and personal items, bicycles or smaller sports equipment, small appliances (e.g., microwave, toaster), and seasonal decorations and items.

One Bedroom

One Bedroom: This size will fit in the contents of a regular one bedroom apartment. Including lounge room furniture, white goods, bedroom furniture and plenty of cartons. This is also a decent size for de-cluttering your home and ideal for businesses that need offsite storage with easy access. One Bedroom includes queen-sized mattress and bed frame, dining table with chairs, couch or loveseat, medium-sized appliances (e.g., washing machine, small refrigerator), wardrobe or clothing storage rack, and boxes of kitchenware, books, and personal items.

Three Bedroom

Three Bedroom: This size is called a small single car garage. It holds the contents of 3 bedrooms or small 4 bedrooms home and is excellent for keeping big recreational items, small vehicles or trailers. Three Bedroom size includes large sectional sofa or multiple couches, king-sized bedroom set, large appliances (e.g., refrigerator, washer, dryer), dining set with chairs, wardrobes and clothing storage, boxes of kitchen appliances, decor, and personal belongings.

Five Bedroom

Five Bedroom: These sizes are called a large garage size. They can hold the contents of an average 4 to 6 bedroom house. There is plenty of room to store your vehicle and very popular for businesses that need a large offsite storage option. Five bedroom includes complete living room set (sofas, coffee table, entertainment center), full dining room set (table, chairs, buffet), multiple bedroom sets, large appliances (e.g., refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher),wardrobes, clothing racks, and storage shelves, bicycles, gardening tools, and outdoor equipment, and boxes of clothing, books, and various household items.


Office: For small, medium and large business users we offer flexible business storage space for short or long term use whenever you need it. Space includes bridging the gap during an office move, retaining important archive records, to help create more floor space.



Business Warehouse

Flexi – Offices

Xtraspace Maboneng:

Your Dynamic Storage and Office Hub

Prime Location in the Heart of Maboneng

Strategically positioned in the vibrant heart of Maboneng, Johannesburg, Xtraspace Maboneng boasts easy access from Commissioner Street in the south-east and an additional entrance at 268 Fox Street. Nestled behind the famed Maboneng area, our branch stands just moments away, a mere 2-minute drive from Jewel City.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Embracing diverse needs, Xtraspace Maboneng offers a spectrum of storage solutions. From spacious garage-style units ranging from 3 to an impressive 10,800 square meters, our secure storage spaces accommodate personal belongings or business inventory, ensuring ample room for a wide array of items.

Protected Indoor Parking Bays

Complementing our storage options, our facility provides indoor parking bays ranging from 16 to 26 square meters. Ideal for individuals or businesses seeking a secure environment for vehicle storage or safeguarding valuable assets.

Flexible Office Spaces with Added Value

Xtraspace Maboneng offers adaptable office spaces ranging from 7.5 to 12 square meters, available for long-term or month-to-month rental. Tenants have complimentary boardroom access, and free Wi-Fi, ensuring efficient and professional business operations.

Comprehensive Solutions for the Dynamic City

For individuals or businesses within Maboneng or wider Johannesburg, Xtraspace Maboneng stands as the comprehensive solution hub. Offering a variety of unit sizes, rental options, and amenities like meeting rooms, our branch aims to cater to diverse needs in this energetic and evolving part of the city.