SpaceBox deliveryXtraSpace is incredibly excited to announce the launch of a brand new, door-to-door storage solution. As of June 2015, SpaceBox is operating in Johannesburg, Cape Town and surrounding areas.


SpaceBox is set to make storing your personal or business goods easier than ever before. This is how it works:

  • sign up for an account on the SpaceBox website
  • using the website, schedule free delivery of one or more boxes to your door
  • pack your boxes, either while we wait or at your leisure
  • when you’re ready, we pick up the boxes and transport them to a secure storage facility
  • at any time, log on to the site and select one or more boxes you want returned to you; SpaceBox will deliver them to your door at a date and time you choose.

SpaceBox makes it unnecessary to hunt for suitable boxes or containers. You won’t need to drive to and from a storage facility or do any heavy lifting – and once your items are in storage, you won’t need to search through a storage unit for particular items you suddenly need. SpaceBox will handle all these tasks for you.


Best of all, you can manage the whole process online in a matter of minutes.


What you can store

SpaceBox items to storeEach box from SpaceBox has a volume of 70 litres and is 60 centimetres long, 40 centimetres wide and 40 centimetres deep. As examples, you can fit approximately 20 shirts or nine pairs of shoes in one box.


The boxes are made of strong, durable plastic and come with tamper-proof security seals, with tabs you can label. They’re fully cleaned and sterilized after each use.


You can pack just about anything you choose in the boxes, provided it’s not illegal, hazardous or perishable, up to a maximum weight of 25 kilograms per box. For example, you might choose to store clothing, books, documents, photos or seasonal items like camping gear.


To make it easy to remember exactly what you’ve packed in each box, you can store digital photos of box contents using your online account. Then you’ll know exactly which box to retrieve if there’s a specific item you need.


What about security?

SpaceBox securitySpaceBox stores all boxes at highly secure distribution centres, with ADT security systems, patrolling guards, 24-hour CCTV monitoring and fire extinguishing systems. Members of the public don’t have direct access to these centres.


What it costs

SpaceBox charges a flat rate of R99 per box per month. Delivery of the empty boxes and collection of the boxes once you’ve packed them is free. Retrieval of boxes costs R250, no matter how many boxes you have returned to you.


Visit the SpaceBox website or call SpaceBox at 011 052 7604 for more information about door-to-door storage in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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