Where to find big self-storage units and mini warehousing in South Africa.

Large self-storage units – the size of a garage or bigger – are especially practical for storing a lot of furniture or the contents of an entire household. This may be necessary, for example, during renovations, during a move or if you are studying or working overseas for a limited time.


large self storage units

Large storage units are also a must-have for businesses that need to store a lot of stock or require secure off-site storage for frequent archiving.


XtraSpace offers a range of large self-storage units in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape.


Sizes of larger storage units

Anything larger than about 16 square metres is considered a large storage unit.


At XtraSpace Self Storage, our larger storage units start at about 16m2 and go up to 85m2 and more, depending on which branch you utilise.


A 16m2 storage unit is just a little smaller than a single garage.


It can fit the contents of an average one- to two-bedroom home, provided no space is required for garage items or outdoor furniture.


big self storage units

A 33m2 storage unit is closer in size to a double garage and can store the contents of a typical two-bedroom home. This unit size is also ideal for businesses that need to store bulky, non-perishable inventory.


At 45m2 or larger, a storage unit can accommodate the contents of a large family home.


There’s also plenty of space to install shelving at this size, with aisles for easy access to stored inventory or other items.


large self storage unit

Mini-warehouse and factory storage spaces

Some XtraSpace branches can offer you even more space with mini-warehousing and factory storage spaces.


Our warehousing spaces range in size from 100 m2 to 2400 m2. Specific branches in Gauteng and Pietermaritzburg offer warehouse storage.


Our mini-factory spaces are larger spaces equipped for light manufacturing. They offer three-phase power points and space for bulk storage. At the moment, these are available in Alberton only.


How much do larger storage units cost?

The cost of self-storage is calculated by square meterage.


When signing a month-to-month lease, your lease is flexible but can have a higher monthly cost. More extended lease periods aren’t as flexible but can bring down your overall monthly fee.


big storage units

At XtraSpace, we often have specials that can give you a few free months or a discounted monthly rate. Keep an eye on our specials page or our Facebook page to stay in the loop. You can also contact your nearest XtraSpace branch directly to enquire what specials they currently have.


Large self-storage units near you

At XtraSpace, we offer large self-storage units at selected branches, ranging in size from 16m² and up. Selected XtraSpace branches also offer warehousing capabilities, as indicated below.


Large storage units in Gauteng

Large storage units in Durban and Pietermaritzburg

Large storage units in Cape Town

To find out more, call us on 01 09 777 777 or visit your nearest branch for a tour of the facilities. All our branches have access control, CCTV surveillance and 24-hour security.

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