Our sister company, Ecobox, supplies a range of moving boxes and packing supplies at affordable prices. For your convenience, these are now available at all our branches.


If you’re moving home or office, or want to pack items for short- or long-term storage in one of our self-storage units, you can simply buy the supplies you need from an XtraSpace branch near you.


Alternatively, you can order packing supplies online directly from Ecobox, which will deliver what you need to your door.



Ecoboxes are sturdy, reusable plastic boxes that are available for rent by the week.


Ecobox will deliver the boxes to your location at a time that’s convenient for you and, once you’ve finished using them, collect them again.




The 70-litre capacity boxes measure 600 x 400 x 400 mm and can be securely sealed. Because they’re made of tough plastic, they’re a better choice than cardboard for protecting fragile, heavy or moisture-sensitive items. They’re also stackable and easy to carry.


Once Ecobox has collected used Ecoboxes, it sanitises and cleans them, and the boxes are then used again. Ecoboxes can be used hundreds of times, making them an eco-friendly alternative.


Cardboard boxes

Ecobox offers both single- and double-walled cardboard moving boxes in various sizes.


Single-walled boxes are great for general packing while double-walled are best for heavy or breakable items.


carboard boxcardboard box


Once you’ve completed a move, you can recycle, compost or repurpose your cardboard boxes around the house. You can also choose to return them to Ecobox, which will then ensure that they’re properly recycled.


Speciality moving boxes

The flat-screen TV box is an excellent option for moving a fragile, flat-screen TV. Many moving companies will move a flat-screen TV only if it’s securely packed in a suitable box.


flat screen tv boxwardrobe box


Ecobox also offers a wardrobe box, complete with a metal hanging rod. This means that you can hang your clothes while they’re in transit or storage, preventing excessive creasing and fold lines.


Packing materials

At any XtraSpace branch, you can pick up a range of Ecobox packing materials and accessories, from bubble wrap and furniture blankets to tissue paper and polystyrene chips. You can also buy other moving essentials such as packing tape, a carpet knife and pallet wrap.

furniture blanketsmattress bag


We stock Ecobox’s plastic mattress covers in a range of sizes, ideal for protecting your mattresses from dirt, dust and damp while in transit.


knife tapepolystyrene chips


If you’re planning a move or need to pack items for storage, visit your nearest XtraSpace branch to pick up the boxes and other packing supplies you’ll need.


We also offer clean, secure self-storage units in a range of sizes, ideal for storing personal and business items. Contact us for more information or to discuss your storage needs.

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