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Whether you’re male or female, the way you present yourself tells others how you feel about yourself – and you may be treated accordingly. For example, what you wear and how you carry yourself might affect your success in the workplace.


It’s good to “dress for success” and to feel good about yourself, but never let others pressure you into changing your style, or who you’re meant to be. Marilyn Monroe once said, “I am not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me.


These are the kinds of ideas our dynamic women at XtraSpace got together to chat about this Women’s Day, over an enjoyable high tea.


Can the way you look really affect your performance?

When you dress smart, you tend to feel smart too – but can the way you look really affect your performance at work?


In a study at Northwestern University in the United States, authors Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky found that what you wear really can affect your psychological processes. They even dubbed a term for this phenomenon – “enclothed cognition.”


For example, people wearing white doctor coats demonstrated better focus and sustained attention when performing tasks than a group of subjects wearing painter coats.


Inspiring talk by Chata Romano

At their tea, our XtraSpace staff enjoyed a talk by the inspiring Chata Romano, image consultant and author of four best-selling books. She provided the “inside scoop” on how people can empower themselves by paying attention to what they wear and how they behave and present themselves.


Each of our ladies received a copy of Romano’s well-received book, Change your Image, Change your Life – a personal makeover guide, crammed with image tips.


No matter who you are or how you dress, we hope you enjoyed Women’s Day this month and remembered to celebrate all the women in your life!


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