Caravan Storage

Storing a large item such as a caravan or motorhome for any length of time can be tricky in South Africa’s densely populated urban areas. Space constraints, municipal bylaws, extreme weather conditions and the ever-present threat of vandalism or theft all pose challenges for caravan owners.

One of the easiest ways to overcome the problems is to opt for a dedicated caravan storage solution, which is easily accessible, cost-effective and super secure.
XtraSpace offers drive-in self-storage facilities for large, towed vehicles. These are ideally located close to the highways and byways of Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg.


Benefits of Storing your Caravan with XtraSpace Self Storage


Choose XtraSpace as your self-storage provider and you stand to benefit from:
  • low-cost storage solutions tailored to your individual requirements
  • high-level security, with CCTV monitoring systems, security beams, 24-hour armed response and instant access to firefighting equipment
  • monthly rental arrangements for the short or long-term    
  • the option of outdoor self-storage on clean hard flat surfaces to enable optimum manoeuvrability and vehicle safety 
  • storage locations chosen to allow for rapid vehicle drop offs and pick ups so that you can get on and off the road quickly and effortlessly 
  • all-day access to your vehicle during office hours, and after hours on request.

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Preparing a Caravan for Self-storage

To get the best out of our affordable caravan storage solutions, we highly recommend that you prepare your caravan properly so that you can hitch it up and hit the open road for your next big adventure directly from our site.
We’ve compiled a few handy hints to help you on your way:
  • give the exterior of your caravan a thorough clean and apply wax or a waterproof cover for protection against the elements
  • fit additional security such as hitch locks and wheel clamps, and remember to notify your insurer
  • clean and spray Q20 onto all electrical contact points between the caravan and the tow vehicle
  • ensure all caravan steadies are down to stabilise the vehicle
  • leave the fridge door ajar on the hitch that’s provided to prevent a build-up of mildew
  • cover upholstery with dust sheets
  • close all gas valves at the source and remove the gas bottle/s from the premises – note that we don’t store flammable materials.

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