How storage with XtraSpace can help small businesses cut costs and achieve greater flexibility.

business storage units

Business storage units can help small businesses across a range of industries cut costs and adapt faster to changes.


Low-cost inventory storage

Traders, retailers and wholesalers can reduce their fixed business expenses by choosing flexible storage over traditional warehousing space.


XtraSpace offers both:

  • flexible warehousing space
  • self-storage units suitable for inventory storage.

Flexible warehousing space

Save money and make your business more agile by paying for space in an existing warehouse, with flexible terms.


XtraSpace offers affordable warehouse space for rent at multiple locations across Gauteng, and in Pietermaritzburg.


The spaces range in size from 100 m2 all the way up to 2,400 m2.


With flexible terms as short as a month and security already in place, these warehouse spaces provide ideal business storage.


They’re suitable for storing inventory, supplies, equipment, archived documents and more.


We offer Gauteng warehouse space at our Commissioner Street and Central Johannesburg branches, as well as in BooysensSandton/Wynberg and Robertsham. In Pietermaritzburg, our Willowton branch also offers warehousing.


In Alberton, we also offer mini-factory spaces with flexible terms.


Self-storage units for inventory storage

Across the country, XtraSpace branches offer self-storage units in a very wide range of sizes.


These units generally cost much less than traditional warehouse space. They’re also easier to manage. They’re dry, secure and easy to access – and you can lock your own unit and keep the key. 


A unit can be rented for as short a term as one month.


This means it’s easy to adapt. If your storage needs change and you need either less or more space, you can readily switch to a different sized unit (or move out).


Improved distribution networks

Local warehousing space or storage units can double as distribution outlets.


This can be especially useful for ecommerce businesses. 


Having stock close to centres of demand can reduce time to market, enhance sales and boost profits.


It also makes it easier for small businesses to expand nationally – without having to open new branches. XtraSpace has branches across Gauteng, as well as in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape.


Off-site storage for business documents

Archived business records and documents contain sensitive information that must be properly protected.


On business premises, documents can take up a lot of space. They’re also vulnerable to theft or damage, and can increase the risk posed by fire.


Storage units are a cost-effective solution. They’re also secure, fire-proof and damp-free.


Space-saving solutions for excess business equipment

Excess business tools, equipment and furniture can clutter up premises and present an untidy and chaotic face to clients.


That said, discarding or selling the items may backfire. In weeks or months, you might find the equipment is needed – and buying the items new is likely to cost a pretty penny.


Storage units provide an efficient and cost-effective way of retaining valuable business equipment, without compromising floor space at your place of work.


Free use of business centres

Most XtraSpace branches offer free use of business support centres, with internet, copying and printing facilities.


This makes it easy to stay in touch and respond to business demands whenever you visit a branch.


Business storage with XtraSpace

XtraSpace is one of the leading providers of business storage space in South Africa.


Call 01 09 777 777 or contact us online to discuss your business storage requirements or to reserve a multi-use storage unit at one of our branches in Gauteng, KZN or the Western Cape.


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