mobile appsThe days of spending hours hunting for items in storage, forgetting what you’ve left where and making stock errors are soon to be over. Personal inventory organisers and iStorage applications are dynamic, interactive tools that can record and track stored items in a flash. They make it easier and more efficient than ever before to access stored items.


From app stores and vendor web sites, you can purchase a range of tracking software and applications, tailored for Android, Apple or Windows handheld devices, including iPads, tablets, iPhones and smartphones.


Some of the available apps make use of cloud technology, which means users can easily synchronise information between their mobile phones and personal computers.


AboutOne Family Organiser

AboutOne is free self-storage inventory software that you can use to track personal items in the home or office, or at a self-storage facility.


This web-based or mobile tool supports password protection, as well as the same sophisticated encryption technology used by financial institutions.


Using AboutOne, you can record the location of each item, make notes about each item – for example, listing the contents of a box, and arrange items in searchable categories. You can even upload photographs so that you have a concise record of all your personal belongings in one, secure, portable place.


AboutOne is available for iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows digital devices.


You can upgrade from the free AboutOne Essentials to the Premium or Premium Plus pack if you need more gigabytes of memory for storing information. Pricing for the upgraded apps ranges from $5 to $10 per month.


Kiwi Objects iStorage App

Kiwi Objects has designed a free inventory and storage tracking app for iPhones and iPads. It’s available from app stores in standard and “Lite” versions.


Using the Kiwi Objects iStorage App, you can catalogue any number of personal items, from clothing and tools to computer hardware and documents, and link them with defined categories and storage areas.


Each item or box can be associated with a unique title, a detailed description, a photograph and quantity details. You can also record the estimated value of each item and even its barcode, which is great if you have to claim from insurance.


A powerful search engine ensures nearly instant retrieval of any listed item. The app can tell you how much storage space is still available so that you can monitor existing storage levels, and you can export data as PDF or CSV files.



Itimizit was created by a US self-storage company, which intends franchising its suite of web applications to storage operators across the globe.


For only $1.99 per month, you can access the Itimizit Basic package at the official Itimzit web site. It’s a user-friendly online inventory system that records and tracks items in storage.


For each item, you can store a photograph and a brief description. You can also attach any documentation associated with the stored item.


Using the QR code scanner on your mobile phone or tablet, you can actually “peek” into the contents of each box in storage. You can update information whenever necessary, and provide multiple users with unique usernames and passwords for accessing your account.


Rapid Inventory App

The Rapid Inventory App is an advanced tracking application for use by both individuals and businesses. It’s optimised for Android devices.


The Rapid Inventory App lets you use a wide range of custom fields to record data about stored items and includes rapid search capabilities.


It can be used without an internet connection because all data is stored directly on the digital device. An integrated camera scanner, combined with Bluetooth external scanners, enables you to scan and store a bar code for each item.


You can import or export data via Google Drive, XML files or CSV files. You can easily add, edit, label or delete items, and find items using a keyword-based search facility, a label filtering system or an alphabetical sort function.


Three versions of this smart inventory application are available on Google Play. The free demo package, which allows you to store and track up to 100 items, is suitable for private users. Alternatively, you can choose from the Business edition or the Unlimited edition, priced at R149.99 and R449.99 respectively.


At XtraSpace Self Storage, we offer a wide range of storage units in secure facilities in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Combine our services and affordable space with the use of any one of the featured tracking apps for easy, convenient storage, for personal or business purposes. 

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