XtraSpace 360 degree business solutions

XtraSpace is offering South African entrepreneurs and small companies a more efficient way of doing business, with serviced office space, storage facilities and on-site logistical support all at one location.


With our 360-degree solutions, you can move into professionally appointed Flexi Office space with business infrastructure and services already in place. You can then store your stock and distribute it from the same location.


The benefits of this approach are significant – reduced transport costs, much faster turnaround times on customer orders and easier, faster, more accurate inventory management. Our flexible leases for office and storage space also mean you can scale up or down quickly, as your business needs change.


Added XtraSpace business services

servicesIf you choose, you can take this a step further. Cut staff costs and avoid logistical headaches altogether, leaving XtraSpace to provide end-to-end management of your supply chain.


At XtraSpace, we can pick and pack goods for distribution and deliver them to your customers, quickly and professionally.


With XtraSpace facilities located throughout the country, you can store goods at strategic locations near all the main centres where your customers are located. You can benefit from a national distribution network without having to open multiple branches or manage complex logistics yourself. This means that even on a small budget, you can “go national”.


We also offer onsite courier services, mailroom management and professional reception services. Even when you’re not in the office, we can handle your business enquiries and messages, using your company’s name and ensuring all callers form a favourable impression of your company.


The traditional, high-cost business model

high costWhen you think about it, it’s not surprising that five out of seven South African businesses fail in their first year.


Consider my friend Elena, who’s thinking of setting up a business to supply trims, lace and homemade buttons to clothing manufacturers, novelty shops and sewing enthusiasts. As an entrepreneur with a startup business, she’d typically have to:


  • cover the costs associated with setting up office space; even for a modest office, these include the costs of installing communications infrastructure, buying computer and printing equipment and paying for office furniture
  • sign a standard lease,  meaning she’ll have to commit to covering potentially high, monthly rental costs over a long period (even though she’s just starting out and the future is uncertain)
  • pay for separate space to store the goods she’ll be supplying and figure out how to manage inventory levels from a remote location
  • set up systems and hire staff to locate and package items as they’re ordered
  • invest in shipping items out to customers, with the aim of meeting orders as soon as possible after they come in (ruling out our strike-prone South African postal service!).

How XtraSpace can help

360 degree solutionWith XtraSpace’s 360-degree solutions, someone like Elena can move straight into professionally appointed office space, without having to sign the dotted line on a long lease or spend on setting up infrastructure.


She can store her stock in clean, secure facilities at the same location as the office, and rely on XtraSpace to ensure that when orders come in, items are found and dispatched to customers quickly, professionally and affordably.


She can also choose to store stock at different XtraSpace facilities around South Africa, allowing for fast deliveries to customers across the country.


Suddenly the proposition of building a national business within just a few months is no longer out of her reach.


Contact us on 0861 250 259 for more information about how XtraSpace’s 360-degree solutions can help your company improve efficiency and cut costs.


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