Some clever tricks to fit a couch through a narrow door (and how to return it if it won’t fit).

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The excitement of buying a new couch is soon dashed if you reach your home and it won’t fit through the door. But don’t despair. We have a few tricks that might help persuade it through. In this article we cover:

Ways to get a couch through a narrow doorway

These tricks can’t guarantee your couch will fit through a doorway, but they will give you a couple of extra centimetres to work with. This might be enough to succeed.


Take the door off its hinges

This should give you an extra four to five centimetres, depending on the thickness of the door. The door should be easy to remove and rehang using the same screws and holes.


Take the feet and cushions off the couch

Removing the feet and cushions can give a surprising amount of extra space. Most feet screw off or can be removed with a screwdriver, Allen key or spanner. Loose cushions come off easily, but take note of how to put them back correctly.


Tip it on its end

Moving a couch vertically can help it fit through a door when there’s limited space to manoeuvre on either side. This method might mean dragging it over the carpet strip or doorframe, so be careful not to scratch or tear the fabric.


Move it on its back

Couches are often deeper than they are high, so the narrowest point will be from the base to the top of the backrest. This may only work if you remove the feet first. If the fit is tight, move the couch straight through the door and not at an angle to avoid bending the frame.


Move it through in a semi-circle

If the feet won’t come off or the space on either side of the door is tight, move the couch through at an angle at first. Rotate it as it moves through the doorway in a semi-circle. This works well with long-legged couches that won’t fit through straight.


Can you return a couch after buying it if it won’t fit in your house?

If none of these tricks works and the couch won’t fit through the door, your only option might be to return it and get a smaller couch. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to return it. Find out more below.


What the Consumer Protection Act says

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) doesn’t offer any general right of return. This means you might not be able to return the couch simply because you failed to check its size.


There are a few exceptions. If you didn’t see the couch before the purchase and the quality or appearance was not as promised, you should be able to return it.


How long after buying a couch can you return it?

If you bought a couch as a result of direct marketing, it may be returned within five days, according to the CPA. Goods that don’t meet expectations or fulfill the promised purpose can be returned within 10 days.


If the quality is poorer than promised and the couch breaks under normal use, this return period is up to six months. There has to be a fault with the couch, not just a size issue.


What next?

Of course, a store may choose to have a returns policy that allows returns within a certain amount of time, but it is not obliged to. Check with the store.


Checking the store’s returns policy

Many stores have the returns policy on the back of the till slip or invoice. If it’s not there, it will probably be on its website. Read it carefully to see if you can make a return. If you’re unsure, call the store or call centre for clarity.


Many stores allow returns within a few days if the item is undamaged. Just remember, it may only accept the return if the couch is still wrapped and hasn’t been tampered with (removing feet, for example).


If you aren’t allowed to return the couch, ask about an exchange for a different (smaller) couch.


SA companies that sell couches: links to returns policies

These are the return policies of some of the most popular stores in South Africa:

  • Mr Price Home (allows returns but subject to conditions)
  • Coricraft (unlikely to allow returns because couches are custom made)
  • Weylandts (allows returns but subject to conditions)
  • Bradlows (appears not to allow returns)
  • Sofacompany (allows returns but subject to conditions)
  • Game (allows returns but subject to conditions)
  • Makro (allows returns but subject to conditions)
  • Takealot (allows returns but subject to conditions)
  • Decofurn (allows returns but subject to conditions).

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