What size storage unit do I need for a bed? We answer this common question, offering standard dimensions and factors to consider. 

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It’s common to need storage for a bed, usually because it’s a spare that’s only used during the holidays or for visitors.


Finding the right size storage unit for beds and mattresses is no problem with our size guide.


Standard bed dimensions in South Africa

Before you go hunting for storage space, make sure you’re familiar with the standard sizes of beds in South Africa. These sizes are for mattresses and bed sets. Bed bases with large headboards or footboards may be slightly bigger.



Standard length

Extra length


183 cm x 188 cm

183 cm x 200 cm


152 cm x 188 cm

152 cm x 200 cm


137 cm x 188 cm

137 cm x 200 cm

Three quarter

107 cm x 188 cm

107 cm x 200 cm


92 cm x 188 cm

92 cm x 200 cm


What factors affect the required storage space?

Apart from the size of your mattress, the following factors will affect the size and type of storage unit you should be looking for.


What you are storing

Are you storing a mattress or a base as well? Is there a headboard? These questions will help determine what size unit you need. Also, consider the height of the bed. This can vary depending on the type and manufacturer.


The storage length

Short-term versus long-term storage will play a role in the size you need. A mattress can stand on its side for a short time. If you’re storing a mattress for more than a couple of months, you’ll need to have the space to lay it flat. 


Storing conditions

Squeezing a mattress into a space that it just fits is not a good idea. Apart from potentially damaging the mattresses, you’ll need space to manoeuvre around the bed in the unit. You need to ensure good air circulation around the fabric to prevent mould.



It’s no good finding the right size storage unit if you can’t access it or the door is too small to fit the mattress through. Find a storage unit with a large garage-style door and one that has relatively easy access. If you can drive your car up to it, even better.


What size storage unit fits a double or queen bed?

If you’re storing a double or queen bed for a long time (meaning it has to be flat), find a storage unit that is roughly 8 to 9 m2 with the right dimensions to fit the bed with some space left over. For example, a 3 m x 3 m space or a 2.5 m x 3 m space would work well.


What size storage unit fits a king bed?

To store a king-size bed long-term, it’s safest to get something 9 m2 and up. This will allow ample room to manoeuvre the bed in and leave enough space around it for ventilation and access. Extra storage space will come in handy for storing bedding and other items.


Tips for storing a bed

Before storing, you must prepare the bed. Start with a thorough clean to remove dust or marks. Once the mattress is completely dry, wrap it in a mattress bag for short-term storage. Alternatively, use furniture blankets for long-term storage to avoid condensation.


If the bed has removable feet, take them off to prevent damage and store them in a box or bag with the bed. Try not to store the mattress on its side for long periods. If this is unavoidable, rotate the mattress frequently.


Where to find suitable storage for a bed

XtraSpace offers short- and long-term storage in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. We have storage units in a large range of sizes. You’re sure to find one that’s the right fit for your bed.


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