What can fit in a 9 m2 self-storage unit, with examples to make the space easier to visualise.

storage unit size

This storage unit is one of the most popular sizes. It’s roughly equivalent to 10 by 10 feet.


It’s a versatile unit that’s ideal for storing appliances, furniture, multiple boxes and inventory.


How big is a 9 m2 storage unit

A 9 m2 self-storage unit (just over 96 square feet) is roughly similar in size to:

  • a small office, for one to two people
  • a reasonably small, single bedroom
  • a large storage shed
  • three-quarters of a car garage.

As another example that may help you visualise the size of this unit, a standard king-size bed measures 193 cm x 203 cm, which equals 3.88 square metres.


What can fit in a 9 m2 storage unit?

A 9 mstorage unit is typically big enough for storing the contents of a family room or a single bedroom (or up to two bedrooms if they include few large furniture items).


If you want to store just medium-sized cardboard boxes, you could expect to fit around 100 stacked boxes. This would still leave room for a narrow aisle down the middle.


A unit this size can, for example, accommodate:

  • two beds (mattresses and bases) on their sides
  • side tables
  • dressing table
  • TV
  • appliances
  • a number of packed boxes.

For small businesses with inventory or seasonal items, a 9 m2 unit has ample space for documents, records and stock.


If you’re renovating your home, this unit is a great size for temporarily storing items from a kitchen, living room or bedrooms.


How much a unit fits will depend on how tightly it’s packed. To maximise use of the space, items should be stacked.


Is a 9 m2 storage unit big enough for household contents?

Unless you have a small home and don’t have a lot of furniture or bulky items, the answer is no.


For most homes, a 16 m2 unit or bigger, depending on the volume of items to store, is more suitable.


For the full contents of a three-bedroom family home, a 33 m2 unit (or larger) may be needed.


What storage unit sizes are available at XtraSpace?

At XtraSpace, we have storage units that range in size from 2 m2 all the way up to warehouse size spaces.


The selection of available unit sizes (2 m2, 3 m2, 9 m2, 12 m2, 16 m2, 33 m2) varies by branch.


What we offer at XtraSpace

At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units in a wide range of sizes. Our 9 m2 self-storage unit is among the most popular because of its versatility.


Contact us if you’d like assistance determining what can fit in a 9 m2 self-storage unit or for any other information you need about our storage facilities – or browse to find a branch near you.

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