Wondering what can fit in a 3 m2 self-storage unit? We offer ways to visualise the size of this unit, with examples of what you can use it to store.

what can fit in a 3m2 self storage unit

The 3 m2 self-storage unit is one of the smallest and most affordable units available at most self-storage facilities in South Africa.


That said, you may be surprised by how much can fit in a unit of 3 m2.


How big is a 3 m2 storage unit?

A 3 x 3 metre self-storage unit is roughly 32 square feet. It’s similar in size to a small Wendy house, an average office cubicle or a large walk-in closet.


What can fit in a 3 m2 storage unit?

How much you can fit into a storage unit will, of course, depend on how tightly the unit is packed.


Generally, leave enough space free so that you can easily find and retrieve items if they’re needed.


Here’s an idea of what can fit into a 3 m2 unit, without too much of a squeeze:

  • 16 to 20 stackable cardboard boxes
  • a computer desk and chair
  • a chest of drawers
  • a large kitchen appliance
  • a surfboard or bicycle.

A 3 m2 unit is ideal for student storage.


For many small businesses, it’s the ideal size for spare equipment or inventory storage.


This size is also a good fit for the tools, equipment and machinery used by freelance tradespeople such as locksmiths, electricians, painters and plumbers.


Is a 3 m2 storage unit big enough for a sofa?

It depends on the dimensions of the sofa and how it’s stored (upright or on its side) – but generally, no. For most couches, a bigger unit size will be needed.


It’s best to measure any furniture item and then check with a self-storage facility for the unit size that will be the best fit.


For example, this will depend on the size of the entrance to the unit, as well as the unit’s interior dimensions (length, width and height).


What storage unit sizes are available at XtraSpace?

XtraSpace offers clean, secure 3 m2 self-storage units, as well as units in a wide range of other sizes. Depending on the branch, these range from 2 m2 lockers to 2,400 m2 warehouse storage units.


If you’re wondering what can fit in 3 m2 self-storage unit or have any other queries about storage space, please contact us for more information. Alternatively, browse to find an XtraSpace branch near you.


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