We provide details and examples of what can fit in a 16 m2 self-storage unit – an ideal unit size for the contents of an average, mid-sized family home.

It’s worth knowing what can fit in a 16 m2 self-storage unit when you’re considering how much storage space you need.


16m2 storage unit

XtraSpace offers a few standard self-storage units based on the most requested sizes. One of these is the popular 16 m2 self-storage unit.


The best storage unit size for household contents

A 16 m2 storage unit is a generous unit that can hold the contents of a medium family home. There’s plenty of space for furniture, appliances and many medium-sized boxes.


For larger homes with four or more bedrooms and a lot of bulky furniture, a 33 m2 unit may be needed.


16m2 storage unit

A 16 m2 unit is a good size for the contents of an average office, including all furniture and equipment. This size is also popular with businesses that need storage space for non-perishable inventory.


How big is a 16 m2 storage unit?

It is equivalent to just under 175 square feet and is a little bigger than a single garage.


This storage unit has roughly the same floor space as a six-metre shipping container.


16m2 storage unit

The length and width of the unit will vary depending on the branch but the floor space is the same.


If you need to visualise the space, pop into your nearest branch and ask to view a 16 m2 storage unit.


What can fit in a 16 m2 storage unit?

This is roughly what can fit inside a 16 m2 storage unit, depending on the unit’s layout and height:

  • the contents of a medium-sized household (two to three bedrooms)
  • 400+ medium-sized cardboard boxes
  • non-perishable inventory for a small to medium business
  • extra office furniture, such as desks and chairs for a medium business
  • a small passenger car.

Check how large a storage unit’s door is before you rent it to make sure your items can fit through.


16m2 storage unit

What we offer at XtraSpace

At XtraSpace, we offer 16 m2 self-storage units at most of our branches in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. We have storage units ranging in size from 3 m2 up to 33 m2 and larger.


Our units are clean, dry and secure. All branches have tight security and clients get to lock their storage units with their own lock, ensuring only they have access.


16m2 storage unit

To find out more about what can fit in a 16 m2 self-storage unit or to book a storage unit, call us on 01 09 777 777 or contact us online – we’ll be pleased to help.


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