It’s a truth universally acknowledged. Like cats to cardboard boxes and dogs to balls, humans are drawn to bubble wrap and the oddly satisfying pastime of popping those shiny, plastic bubbles.


Popping the bubbles isn’t the only fun thing you can do with bubble wrap either. It has all kinds of possible uses in the pursuit of fun. Remember that episode in Season 10 of Friends, when Chandler, Joey and Ross kid around with the bubble wrap? Pure genius.




There are plenty of similar inner-kid instances being shared online. Take these 15 moments when grown-ups (or their pets) meet bubble wrap and Just. Can’t. Adult.



1. Creative genius: the bubble wrap bike



2. It’s amazing how bubble wrap can brighten up a day at the office



3. It’s not just fun. Bubble wrap play can turn into high art (could we call this “pop art”?)



4.Some people are just…different. An aspiring member of the Knight’s Watch.

unique bubble wrap fashion

© photo by Dalio Photo


5.Bubble wrap fashion brings out people’s soft sides.

unique bubble wrap fashion

© photo by Nick Zamora


6. This fancy-dress costume is easy to make at home, but do you trust revelers to obey the hand-written sign?

unique bubble wrap fashion

© photo by Tantek Celik


7. Ever seen a chocolate bubble wrap cake?



8. This is what happens if you leave five dudes in a bubble wrap factory



9. Dogs love it too



10. Even small, possibly not very bright dogs like bubble wrap



11. Now meet the bubble wrap raccoon



12. Mister Maker has an art-class idea…



Itching to get your hands on some bubble wrap of your own? Until you do, here’s the virtual equivalent to keep you going. Enjoy!


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