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At most self-storage facilities, the smallest storage units provide at least a few square metres of storage space. But what if you have just a few boxes or bulky individual items to store?


One of XtraSpace’s sister companies, SpaceBox, is offering valet storage as the perfect solution.


How does it work?

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With SpaceBox, you pay for storage space per box of items – or per individual bulky item – you store, instead of for an entire storage unit. This way, you don’t waste money on space you’re not going to use.


SpaceBox will deliver sturdy plastic boxes to your door, or you can opt to use your own boxes or cases. Once you’ve packed, SpaceBox will fetch your items and store them at one of our secure facilities.


When you need your items back, just specify what you require and SpaceBox will return it to you within 24 hours.


When is valet storage the best option?

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Valet storage is ideal for all types of items you can box, from clothing to books, DVDs, photos, ornaments, shoes and more. It’s also perfect for one or two bulky individual items, such as a bicycle or surfboard.


It’s not generally suitable when you need to store furniture, big items of equipment, general household contents or a large volume of items. In those cases, rather opt for a self-storage unit at XtraSpace.


It’s also best to opt for a full self-storage unit if you want to be able to access your belongings regularly while they’re in storage, for example, to add or remove items or check on them.


What are the pros and cons of valet storage?

Your situation and needs will determine which is the best choice – a full self-storage unit at XtraSpace or valet storage with SpaceBox. Consider these pros and cons, and how they might apply in your case.



  • You don’t have to drive to a storage facility, which saves time and is ideal if you don’t have your own car.
  • You can schedule collection and delivery of your items online, choosing a location and time that suits you.
  • If you don’t have a lot to store, you won’t have to pay for extra space you don’t need.


  • You’ll have to wait a short time before getting your stuff back (less than 24 hours).
  • You won’t have direct access to your belongings at the storage facility.
  • A full self-storage unit is more cost-effective if you have enough items to fill the unit.

Storage with XtraSpace and SpaceBox

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With SpaceBox and XtraSpace, all storage needs are covered. Visit SpaceBox for valet storage of small, boxed or individual items, or – for a clean, secure self-storage unit, contact us at XtraSpace. Whatever your storage needs, we’ll be happy to help.

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