Keep wedding planning ordered and prevent clutter at home by using storage for wedding supplies and equipment.

storage for wedding supplies

XtraSpace offers clean, affordable self-storage units that serve as ideal storage for wedding supplies and equipment.


How self-storage can simplify wedding preparations

Having wedding supplies spread throughout the house adds to already heightened stress levels.


A self-storage unit can be used as a dedicated “wedding room”. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to bring order and calm to the planning.


What to look for in a storage facility

When choosing a suitable storage facility for wedding supplies, accessibility is key. You’ll want unlimited access to the unit during working hours, and after hours, if necessary.


Location, security and controlled access are essential.


Flexible month-by-month terms are a mandatory requirement. So, too, is a storage unit that’s clean, dry, hygienic and the right size.


Top tips for organising and storing wedding supplies

A wedding is a complex and cluttered affair. There are endless items to be purchased, hired and accounted for. 


Keeping track of invitations, wedding favours, name plates and centre pieces is challenging enough. Packing them smartly and storing them safely is an art. Here are a few tips to guide you.


Create a wedding list

Make a list of all the supplies required for the wedding, together with the number of each item you have “in stock”.


Make sure the inventory matches the number of people who’ve accepted the invitation to the wedding. If possible, have a few extras as standbys.


Keep all paperwork in one place

Place all the wedding invoices and receipts in a stationery file or old archive box.


Make a note of any outstanding payments, together with the due dates. Tick off each payment as it’s made and file the receipt or proof of payment.


Organise items by type

Divide items into different categories – décor, stationery, wedding favours, bridesmaids’ and best man’s gifts, name plates…


Count each item and tick it off the wedding list.


Pack supplies into rigid plastic boxes

Carefully pack “like” items into sturdy plastic packing boxes, preferably with lockable lids. Choose the same size boxes, so they can be stacked in the storage unit.


Wrap fragile or breakable pieces in bubble wrap. Fill extra spaces with packing paper or soft items, like dish cloths and towels.


Label each box

Stick a label on both sides of the box. Make a note of the type and number of supplies in each box.


Write down where the box should go – the bridal table, the cake table, the church…


When you’ve packed and labelled, take all the boxes to the storage facility.


Where to find storage for wedding supplies

At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units in sizes ranging from 3 m2 to 33 m2.


As a customer, you lock your own storage unit and keep the key. You can then access the unit any time you choose, during business hours or even after-hours by arrangement.


Contact us for more information about storage for wedding supplies and equipment, or browse to find a branch near you.


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