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Spring cleaning is currently on the to-do list of most proud home owners. Dirt, odours and germs inevitably build up on household surfaces and impregnate upholstery, curtaining and carpeting. This applies especially over the winter months when windows are kept closed and there’s less air circulation.


After the long winter months, it’s essential to open up and air your home. Then restore it to pristine condition by performing a deep and meticulous spring clean.


Spring cleaning tips

The easiest way to perform a proper spring clean is to use a methodical approach. Clearing clutter is the first step. Books, kitchenware, ornaments and clothes should ideally be dusted or cleaned, packed into clearly marked cartons, and temporarily stored. Secure self-storage facilities are ideal for this purpose if space in your home is limited.


Furniture and household appliances often create inaccessible areas that attract dirt and grime. You can also choose to store these for the duration of the cleaning process, to save time and effort.


Take a room by room approach

An orderly room by room approach is the best when you’re tackling a major spring clean. It will ensure you get to all the hard-to-reach places in every area of the home before you run out of steam. It’s a good idea to start with the rooms that require the most elbow grease, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, so that you’re still enthusiastic and full of energy.


Clean walls and working surfaces from the top down, and clean the pantry, cupboards, shelves and household appliances from the inside out.


Do DIY tasks at the same time

Consider tackling small DIY jobs while you’re busy buffing and polishing your home. This is the ideal time to replace light bulbs, chipped or broken tiles or cracked window panes. You can even give a room or two a quick paint. This is one of the easiest ways to create a fresh, new and appealing interior.


Spring cleaning checklist

Use this spring cleaning checklist to help you get the job done fast and efficiently:

  • de-clutter your entire home by storing furniture, appliances and collectables
  • clean from the top down by dusting all surfaces, curtains, blinds, frames and light fittings, and then swab down the walls and doors with a damp cloth
  • vacuum the floors and carpets, paying particular attention to nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach
  • detect stubborn stains and ingrained dirt and tackle them with the appropriate cleaning solution
  • clean all windows, inside and out
  • deep-clean carpets and rugs with an industrial steam-cleaning machine
  • remove and machine-wash badly soiled curtaining
  • carry out simple DIY tasks.

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