As part of our Celebrating Entrepreneurs campaign we have collected inspiring quotes from XtraSpace’s entrepreneurs.

Jessice Padayachee

“Educate yourself, research, take constructive criticism and have faith. I believe we live in a great country with potential and plenty of opportunity for all of us to have a bit of the sunshine.” – Jessica Padayachee

XtraSpace believes in the entrepreneurs it supports to the extent that some have become suppliers to the company. That’s the case with 34-year-old Jessica Padayachee who rents XtraSpace’s coffee shop spaces, supplying food and drinks to staff and clients using The Workspace co-working facilities in Johannesburg.




Mbali Nene

“Remember, it’s an exam before the lesson. Don’t worry too much about what you can’t control, and control what you can… We [entrepreneurs] create jobs directly and indirectly. This is the machine that keeps the country running.” – Mbali Nene


Mbali Nene’s fashion label, Limba, is based in The Workspace’s Morningside Manor branch as it suited their clientele, many of whom live in the area and want to be fashion forward, stylish and unique.




Eunice Bomela

“I advise and encourage all women in business, and those who want to be in business, to follow my footsteps and those of the other successful women, to wake up and pursue their dreams. It is never too late ladies!” – Eunice Bomela 


Eunice Bomela’s waste removal and security services company Mhonko’s stores their trucks at XtraSpace Airport Industria, outside Cape Town, in the knowledge that they are secure and ready for collection 24/7.




Aubrey Jonsson

“Take the risk. What may seem impossible now is totally within your reach.” – Aubrey Jonsson


With 30 storage facilities countrywide, and ACT Logistics to move equipment between locations, XtraSpace is here to help entrepreneurs like photographer Aubrey Jonsson follow their dreams.




Rianette Leibowitz

“Always have a teachable spirit and be willing to drop the ego to listen to advice.” – Rianette Leibowitz


Giving driven entrepreneurs the space to focus on their growing their businesses is one of the reasons XtraSpace launched The Workspace. And it’s why Rianette Leibowitz, CEO of SaveTNet, chose to base her business and her organisation at The Workspace in Randburg.




Stanley Sibanda

“Entrepreneurship is key to growing our economy and solving the challenges that face our country.” – Stanley Sibanda


Running a publishing and printing company means you need space to store the fruits of your labours. And space is something XtraSpace has a lot of, which is why Stanley Sibanda warehouses the books his company publishes at XtraSpace’s Thora Crescent Road storage facilities in Wynberg, Johannesburg.


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