Last month, we looked at fun examples of innovative designs for incredibly tiny yet fully functional houses, including the all-local “nano home”, the POD-IDLALA.


This month we’re continuing the theme, with a look at some of the smallest and narrowest buildings around the world.


Tiny house on a rock, Serbia

tiny house on rock© image via Voyager Loin


This tiny house has been perched on a rock in the middle of Serbia’s River Drina, near the town of Bajine Basta, since the late 1960s.


Apparently, a group of swimmers thought to build a shelter on the rock, and this amazing construction was the result. Some of the materials for building the house were transported by boat; others were simply floated down the river and caught!


Keret House, Poland

keret house© image via Arch Daily


Described as “the world’s skinniest house”, the Keret House was designed to use the alley-way space between two existing, multi-storey buildings on Warsaw’s Zelazna Street.


The widest part of the structure measures a mere 122 centimetres, and in some places, it’s as narrow as 72 centimetres. Nonetheless, the interior is surprisingly livable, with plenty of natural light. Currently, it serves as a temporary home for writings visiting the city.


Minute Victorian cottage, United States

victorian cottage© image via New York Times


Nestled in the Catskills Mountains in New York State is this minute Victorian cottage, painstakingly converted from an old hunting cabin by owner, Sandra Foster.


The cottage measures roughly 2.7 by 4.2 metres and features everything from exterior “broekie lace” to a chandelier.


The Wagon Station Encampment

wagon station© image via Dezeen


Designed by U.S. artist Andrea Zittel, a set of ten “sleeping pods” provides travellers and creative types with welcome refuge at a desert campsite in southern California, near Joshua Tree National Park.


The pods aren’t full homes, although they provide comfortable beds, shelving and skylights. Nearby are a communal kitchen and toilets.


Cabin in the woods, Finland

cabin in the woods© image via Tree Hugger


In 2010, Robin Falcke happened upon the perfect location for a cabin in the woods, near a lake in Finland. The cabin was built so tiny – at a total of under 9 square metres – to circumvent the need for a building permit. Many of the materials used in its construction were recycled.


The home features a ground floor complete with a living area, kitchen and bathroom, a loft measuring 4.6 square metres and an expansive deck, for relaxing and enjoying the scenic surroundings.


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