SME Stock Storage

Excess retail stock and bulky business files can become a liability if they’re not stored in secure, firewall-protected premises. But how many small or new businesses can afford to pay for these premises?


An effective business storage solution is to use an offsite self-storage facility. Self-storage has a range of benefits, including low cost, convenience, flexibility and security.


Advantages of using self-storage for business stock

Cost – Self-storage rates are competitive, leases are available on a month-to-month basis and no deposit or mortgage is required. Self-storage is particularly cost-effective because you pay only for the space you need, when you need it. Storage units are available in a wide range of different sizes, and you can end a self-storage arrangement after just a 30-day notice period. Long-term rental arrangements may result in even lower monthly overheads.


Convenience – The best self-storage facilities are conveniently located in or near industrial areas or business hubs, with easy access to major roadways. Choose an appropriate self-storage facility and it can double as a fully functional distribution or logistical centre at no extra cost to your business. Most storage facilities allow unlimited access to your possessions during office hours, so you’ll be able to meet business obligations on time, every time.


Flexibility – You can opt for a short or long-term rental arrangement, tailored to meet your individual requirements. You can also easily scale up or down, moving to a storage unit of a different size if your storage needs change.


Security – Reputable storage facilities use advanced security measures to protect all stored items. Units are fire-protected, waterproof and lockable, and the facilities themselves are monitored 24/7. Armed response teams, security beams and exterior fencing are standard security features.


Why choose XtraSpace as your business storage provider?

XtraSpace operates self-storage facilities in and around South Africa’s major business centres, including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. All are secure, easy to access and offer low cost-storage solutions, with storage units available in a wide range of sizes.


If you run a small business, it’s also worth noting that customers are welcome to use the e-mail, fax and copying services at our branch business centres, free of charge. Contact us today for more information about self-storage and business services at Xtraspace. 


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