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Like all businesses, small businesses often need storage space – but it’s in their interests to keep costs down, and their storage needs may change regularly.


At XtraSpace, we offer small to medium businesses a range of business storage options, designed to meet their combined need for affordability and flexibility.


Self-storage on flexible terms

At any of our branches nationwide, businesses may choose to rent self-storage units. Depending on branch location, these are available in a large range of sizes, from 2 m2 all the way up to mini-warehouse spaces.


With XtraSpace, you can rent a self-storage unit for a period as short as a month, or for a three- or 12-month period. This means it’s easy to move out or to switch to a larger or smaller unit, as and when your business storage needs change.


All our storage facilities feature 24-hour security and CCTV surveillance, and once you’ve rented a unit, you keep the key and can access it whenever you choose.


Warehousing that’s ideal for SMEs

Most small to medium businesses don’t need an entire warehouse, or would find the cost of leasing and setting up a full warehouse (including security and staffing costs) prohibitive.


Nonetheless, many SMEs need space to house inventory, or ad hoc orders and deliveries. You may also need temporary storage space to house goods due to be exported, or that have just been imported.


We offer a solution – pay just for the warehouse space you need, in an existing, fully operational warehouse that already has security and staff in place.


With our warehousing service, there are no deeds or leases, and no set-up costs. This makes the service ideal for small businesses, which need to be agile to stay competitive.


Rent office space with storage

Depending on your needs, a third option that may suit your business is to move into one of our Flexi Offices.


Flexi Offices are a cost-effective alternative to traditional office space, with shared meeting rooms, high-speed internet and a range of onsite business services. As an added benefit, they’re located on the same premises as self-storage units – making it possible to rent affordable office and business storage space in one.


Contact us for more information about our small business storage solutions, or browse to find a branch near you.

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