Even if you have just three or four pairs of shoes, chucking them on top of one another in a hallway or at the bottom of a cupboard isn’t the best approach. It makes the shoes difficult to access and, over time, can damage the shoes.


Once you’re talking about six pairs or more, it’s really time to come up with a smart shoe storage system.


A pallet for kids’ takkies

pallet shoe storage

A stained or painted pallet is a clever option for storing kids’ takkies, against a wall or at the back of a cupboard. It would also work in a classroom. The novelty of this DIY system may even prompt children to put their own shoes away, at least initially!


A ladder or trellis for storing heels

ladder shoe storage

This option won’t do for smelly old takkies or beaten up school shoes, but it’s ideal if you’re a lover of heels.


Using the rungs of a simple ladder or trellis lets you store heels and showcase them at the same time. For a less prominent display, you could position the ladder at the back or side of a closet.


Pegs for storing wellies and gardening boots

wellington gumboot storage

Simple, vertical wooden pegs are ideal for storing wellington boots and gardening boots. An added advantage – storing boots upside down is a good way to ensure that no scorpions or other unwelcome critters find their way in.


Shoes in stacked crates

stacked crates shoe storage

Simply stacking crates can be a surprisingly effective way to store shoes. A quick sand and staining or a lick of paint can give rough wooden crates a uniform, more attractive appearance.


With no division, a crate on its side is the perfect height for storing boots. For shoes, wooden divisions are useful.


Shoes on coat pegs

coat peg shoe storage

Depending on the space that’s available, it may suit you to install one or more rows of coat pegs close to the ground. This works best for closed shoes and shoes with heel straps, and is ideal for in a “mud room” or near an entrance.


Simple shelving for storing shoes

shelving shoe storage

If you have an attractive shoe collection, floor to ceiling suspended shelving is a good option for keeping your shoes organised, easily accessible and available for adoring gazes.


For those with less flashy collections, just one or two shelves installed at a low height, for example at the back of a cupboard or in a nook below a staircase, is a practical approach.


Shoe storage with XtraSpace Self Storage

For shoes and boots you wear only in a particular season, self-storage is the answer out of season. For example, store your heavy winter shoes and boots during summer to free up space for sandals and heels.


XtraSpace Self Storage offers secure, affordable self-storage units in a wide range of sizes. Contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.

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