Our guide to average self-storage prices in Cape Town, together with advice on how to find the best storage facility for your needs. 

We offer a guide to self-storage prices in Cape Town and its surrounds, together with advice on finding the right storage facility for your needs.


self storage prices in cape town

Average self-storage prices in Cape Town

The two key factors that influence storage prices are the location of the storage facility and the storage unit size you choose.


In Cape Town, you can expect to pay in the vicinity of these prices for different size storage units:

  • small units from R450 per month
  • medium units from R1,035 per month
  • large units from R1,280 per month.

self storage prices in cape town

Storage in Cape Town is ranked among the most expensive in South Africa.


However, prices in certain areas – notably the Southern Suburbs and Durbanville – are significantly higher than in other parts of the city and its surrounds.


Storage facilities in the Northern Suburbs and in industrial areas are generally a lot cheaper, while just as secure.


A few factors to avoid

When looking for a storage facility, bear in mind these six things to avoid:


1. Don’t choose a facility too far away; any savings involved are likely to be lost in the form of travel time and petrol costs.


2. Avoid storage facilities that appear neglected or dirty. Pay attention to everything from the moment you enter the gate.


3. Be wary of storage facilities that collect your items to store. This is undeniably convenient, but it means you don’t get to inspect the storage facilities yourself.


4. Don’t consider a storage facility that doesn’t offer any form of insurance.


5. Avoid storage facilities that demand a lengthy contract, especially one that doesn’t let you swap to a larger or smaller storage unit as needed.


6. Ensure the storage facility has adequate security measures, including surveillance and access control.


self storage prices in cape town

Self-storage prices with XtraSpace

At XtraSpace, we offer self-storage units at three locations in the Cape Town region. Each facility offers clean and secure storage units in a range of sizes.


self storage prices in cape town

There’s no deposit payable when you rent a storage unit from us and limited insurance is included in the price.


Self-storage prices in the Northern Suburbs

In the Northern Suburbs, we have storage facilities in Bellville and Kraaifontein.


Storage prices in Bellville start from R450 for a 2 m2 storage unit. The branch also offers affordable office space and vehicle storage.


self storage prices in cape town

In Kraaifontein, our self-storage units start from R1,280 for a 9 m2 storage unit. The branch also offers vehicle storage for cars, trailers, caravans and boats.


Self-storage prices near Cape Town Airport

At Airport Industria, close to Cape Town International Airport, we have a storage facility with units starting from R1,035 per month.


This branch offers a business centre, flexible office space, vehicle storage and an affordable airport shuttle (which operates for 24 hours a day) to and from the terminal.


Affordable self-storage with XtraSpace

XtraSpace provides affordable, no-fuss self-storage in the Cape, across Gauteng and in KwaZulu-Natal.


Along with competitive pricing, a few benefits we offer are:

  • flexible terms, with no need to commit to a long lease and no deposit payable
  • built-in insurance, up to specified limits, on items you store
  • easy access (any time during business hours or after hours by arrangement)
  • excellent security with guards, perimeter fencing and round-the-clock CCTV monitoring
  • friendly staff who are always available on site to help.

We can advise you on what size storage unit you need. We also offer packaging materials for sale at each of our branches.


self storage prices in cape town

To find out more about our self-storage prices in Cape Town or to discuss your storage needs, contact us online or browse to find a branch near you.


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