A guide to security measures that need to be in place for safe self-storage solutions

safe storage

Self-storage is an increasingly popular solution. It’s cost-effective and practical if you’re downscaling to a smaller property, spring cleaning your home, moving to another city or country, or as an alternative to storing large boats and motor vehicles in residential areas.


The security of private possessions is the core business of self-storage companies, but how safe is self-storage in South Africa today?


Safe self-storage requires that both the customer and the service provider meet specific responsibilities.


How you can optimise self-storage security

It’s the customer’s responsibility to lock a self-storage unit after each visit to it. Choosing a high-performance padlock will go a long way in enhancing the security of your stored belongings.


Tamper-proof padlocks machined from solid brass or stainless steel are the best option. They feature rounded, or guarded, hardened steel shackles and pick-resistant locks, and are purpose designed to withstand the attentions of all sorts of tools, from angle grinders to bolt cutters.


However, there’s little use in investing in a padlock that offers robust security if the key is freely available. Ensure the key is safely stowed at all times and only hand it over to trustworthy people.


How the self-storage provider boosts security

It’s the service provider’s responsibility to secure the premises. Facilities should be enclosed by perimeter fencing and/or electric fencing, and all access points should be manned by security guards.


24 hour CCTV surveillance, the services of an armed response team, and security beams are sophisticated security measures that provide additional security.


Secure self-storage checklist

Before you choose a self-storage facility, we recommend you inquire about the security measures and safety precautions that are in place to safeguard your possessions.


If you can answer “yes” to all the questions below, a self-storage security is up to scratch:

  • Is there a secure perimeter fence?
  • Is there sufficient exterior lighting?
  • Are there security beams?
  • Is there constant video surveillance?
  • Is there an armed response team on standby?
  • Is the facility Fire compliant?
  • Is there onsite personnel such as managers, assistants and security guards?

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