sofa storage


Do you need to store a sofa until you’re ready to sell it or until you’ve moved into new premises? Perhaps you’re renting out your home, or have recently downsized – or maybe someone in your family wants to give your sofa a new home but isn’t quite ready to take it yet.


Whatever your reason for storing your sofa, be sure to give it the appropriate TLC.


Pre-storage sofa cleaning tips


To ensure the family sofa doesn’t become a haven for bacteria, pathogens, mildew and mould, give it a thorough clean a few days before the move. You can use an anti-bacterial cleaning product for extra clout, or you can follow our clever cleaning tips, based on material.

  • Leather
    Wipe the couch from top to bottom with a sponge, or clean cloth dipped in a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. Allow to dry. Add a few drops of olive oil onto a soft dry cloth, and apply to soften and protect the leather.
  • Cotton
    Vacuum to remove dust and grime, and clean with an over the counter upholstery cleaner. Remove stubborn stains with a weak solution of white wine vinegar and warm water. Alternatively, an upholstery stain remover will be as effective, but be sure to do a fabric test first. As added protection for time in storage, we recommend you apply a fabric protector.
  • Linen, silk or wool
    Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, or recruit the services of a professional upholstery cleaning company.


Preparing a sofa for storage


Once you’ve cleaned the fabric of the sofa, and allowed it to dry, polish any wood or metal bits with suitable polish. Remove detachable legs, and store the screws, nails or washers in a small, labelled zip lock bag.


Wrap the legs in bubble wrap, an old blanket, or packing paper, and put them, together with the ziplock, into a box. Label, and seal with masking tape.


Cover unprotected wooden corners, and bits and pieces, with cardboard or bubble wrap. You’re finally ready to lift the couch onto furniture sliders for easy manoeuvring to the transport dolly, the truck and on to the climate-controlled self-storage unit.


Sofa storage techniques


If you want your sofa to be in mint condition when it comes out of storage, get hold of a couple of wooden pallets, a tarpaulin, and one or two dust cloths. Lay the palettes, covered by a tarpaulin or sheets of plastic, on the unit floor.


This will act as a false surface on which to place the sofa. It will raise the sofa off the ground, protecting it from rising damp, accidental spills and wear and tear.


Carefully place the sofa on the covered palettes in its conventional position. Ensure it’s not in direct contact with any other items, or the walls of the unit. Drape the dust clothes, or clean sheeting, over the sofa to keep it dust-proof and clean.


Avoid stacking items onto the sofa, or these might create permanent marks and indentations.


Where to store a sofa in South Africa


At XtraSpace, we offer affordable, secure self-storage spaces that are ideal for storing a sofa, until you need it again or are ready to sell it.


Find a branch near you or contact us for more information, and we’ll be delighted to assist. You can also get a self-storage quote online.


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