black friday

The busiest shopping day of the year is just a few weeks away.


You don’t have to be a retail giant to take part on 29th November, but small and medium businesses need to be equally well prepared.


Follow these guidelines to get ready for Black Friday.


Know what your shoppers want

There’s no denying that most shoppers want a bargain on Black Friday. But not all shoppers are expecting slashed prices on big-ticket items.


Take time to find out what excites your customers. Ask them what their plans are for the day. It may be added value, rather than discounted prices, that excite them.


If you run a bakery, for example, maybe a free cupcake with every purchase will bring them into your store?


Make deals strategically

Black Friday specials are an opportunity for publicity, but they shouldn’t hit your profit margins. Make sure that deals work for your business as much as your customers.


If you offer deals or discounts, make sure they’re strategic. Black Friday is not about taking a hit.


If you don’t want to offer a blanket promotion, reach out to your top customers and offer them an exclusive sale or event.


Use focus for impact

Focus your budget and planning on one Black Friday goal or event. For the greatest impact, don’t spread yourself too thin.


You can’t be all things to all shoppers, so try to be one thing to as many shoppers as possible. Keep it simple and do it well.


Use your size as an advantage

Unlike retail giants, Black Friday is an opportunity for smaller businesses to engage with their customers in a more personal way.


Consider how you can make your customers feel special. How can you customise the shopping experience?


Everyone needs a break from long queues and crowds. Why not offer a refreshment stand?


Spread the word

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start a buzz about Black Friday.


Post on the networks your customers use and tell people what you have to offer. Try to stand out from the crowd.


Post online and on social media. Email regular customers. Hand out flyers. Do direct mail shots. Display details of what’s happening in your retail premises.


Don’t use words or expressions that set a competitive tone. Simply let the shoppers know what’s happening and they will come.


Up your online efforts

Cyber Monday takes place online the Monday after Black Friday. It’s huge for ecommerce, but don’t neglect Black Friday’s online traffic.


In 2018, Google South Africa reported a strong spike in searches related to Black Friday. Highlight what your business is doing on your website’s homepage. Make sure shoppers know that deals are available online as well.


Remember to staff up

All staff should be hands on deck. Consider employing extra workers. Train all employees and inform them of back-up plans for any eventuality.


Be prepared for stock selling out, unruly customers and banking software crashing.


Customer and staff safety is a priority. Consider the need for a security guard to control crowds. It may be necessary to permit small groups into the store at a time.


Get your shop and stock ready

Your premises need to be ready for an increased number of shoppers and turnover.


XtraSpace can help you prepare for Black Friday by putting non-sale items and unnecessary store displays in self-storage. You can also use self-storage to store extra inventory ahead of the sale.


We offer storage units sized from 3m2, enough space for a desk and six storage boxes, up to 33m2.


Contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.

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