Overseas study and travel for students – what are the options?

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All travel is a journey, and all journeys expand our experience. As a student, you might be dreaming of overseas travel. But what options exist, and which ones are best for you?


Overseas study travel

The student universe isn’t restricted only to South Africa, as many students who choose to travel during their education lifetime know. While overseas travel is the goal of many young people, some are clever enough to be able to do so while earning another and internationally recognised qualification.


Although it’s not an easy option, gaining access to overseas study opportunities might not be as difficult as you think. Once you realise the multiple benefits of doing so, you could find yourself persuaded to invest in a first degree (or a further degree) at an overseas university.


But how do you find your way to overseas study? And who can help you get there and back safely?


Overseas study help

If you’re hoping to study overseas, you’ll need to find the right institution, apply, obtain a visa and find accommodation.


A number of organisations, such as Global Education, GoAbroad and Scholars4Dev, offer information and services that can help you find a scholarship and/or select the right tertiary institution overseas.


Some organisations also offer to help you complete the university application process, obtain a study visa and even find you on-campus accommodation.


Certain countries, such as Germany, Finland and Norway, offer free tuition and excellent academic programmes for international students. You’ll still need to cover your cost of living while you’re there, though. Sites such as mastersportal.eu and studying-in-germany.org provide detailed information about how to apply and what you can expect if you’re accepted.


Options for working overseas

Organisations such as STA Travel provide a number of different work options that you can pursue during a gap year. These range from teaching to crewing on yachts or supervising at summer camps.


Other organisations, such as PickingJobs and The Harvest Trail (Australia’s government harvest job website) show you where and how to apply for seasonal harvesting jobs.


Once you’ve decided what work option best suits you, you’ll need to investigate and do the following:

  • find out where you qualify to live and work as a South African
  • research the costs of work visas and how you can get the one you need
  • assess the job opportunities in the country you want to go to, and how much these pay
  • decide which organisation is best placed to help you get there
  • identify any preventative health measures, such as immunisations, you need to take.

For information about country visas, it’s best to consult the relevant local consulate or embassy directly, in person or via their website.


Travel light and ensure you have things to come back to

Once you’ve investigated all the options and you’re ready to proceed with an overseas travel option, it’s a good idea to think ahead and make sure that you have something to come back to. That includes storing your stuff.


XtraSpace makes storage of boxed items easy, accessible and affordable. So you can head off for the adventure of a lifetime overseas, confident that your possessions will be waiting for you when you get home. Bon voyage!


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