Spring is officially here, and the best way to snap out of the funk brought on by cold winter days is to do something fun!


Here are our top six ways to celebrate spring.


1. See the wild flowers

wild flowers west coast spring

There are a number of places around South Africa to view our stunning local wildflowers. The West Coast in the Western Cape and Namaqualand in the Northern Cape, in particular, are hot spots for wildflowers this time of year.


If the wildflowers don’t bloom in your area, why not visit your local botanical garden and enjoy the first warm days of spring out in the fresh air, surrounded by nature.


2. Get arty or roll up your sleeves and do some DIY

outdoor arts crafts spring diy

The days are getting longer and warmer so it’s the perfect time to start a creative project. Try your hand at an outdoor mural or mosaic, make some garden art or create some beautiful spring-inspired art with the kids.


A bit of DIY around the house can energise you, at the same time as making your home more pleasant and adding to its value. For example, give your outdoor areas a bit of TLC in anticipation of the many braais or al fresco dinners to come.


3. Start a herb garden

herb garden spring celebrate

Add flavour and freshness to your spring cooking with herbs from your own herb garden, whether it’s outside or consists just of a few pots on a suitably sunny window ledge or balcony. Try these tips for getting started.


Coriander (dhania), basil, chives and parsley are among the herbs you can plant in early spring.


4. Join a local river or beach clean-up

beach river clean up spring

Beach or river clean-ups are a great way to do your bit. These cleanups are especially important at a time of year when we’re all heading to our local rivers and beaches for some fun in the sun. The last thing you want is the day spoiled by someone stepping on a piece of glass or rusty metal.


You can search online to find local clean-ups happening in areas around Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Clean-ups are often organised in smaller towns too, so check with your local community newspaper or Facebook page.


5. Have a picnic

celebrate spring picnic

With the weather improving, a day out at your local park with a picnic and good book is a great start to spring. There are plenty of beautiful parks and gardens around South Africa to choose from.


Grab a comfy blanket, some tapas, a good book or board game and spend the day under the trees in the fresh air with friends and family.


6. Clear out the clutter and cobwebs

spring cleaning declutter celebrate

The start of spring is the perfect time to give your home a good scrub, focusing especially on areas that get neglected or are prone to mould growth over the winter months.


Sorting and clearing out clutter is also a perfect way to welcome in the spring. It’s cathartic!


Lighten the mood in your home and make day-to-day life simpler by sorting through all the items in each room, and getting rid of or donating things you don’t need.


You may also choose to store items offsite if you’re not ready to part with them but they’re taking up unnecessary space, at home or in your garage.


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