Nine clever space-saving ways to store and organise small kitchen appliances. 

small kitchen appliances

The modern kitchen is teeming with gadgets, devices and appliances. They take up space on the work surface.


These nine space-saving tips will help you organise small kitchen appliance but have them on hand when needed.


1. Multi-tier extendable storage racks

multi tier extendable storage

Source: Superbalist


Extendable racks are flexible, affordable and easily adjustable. They can be extended to hold many kitchen devices or retracted to accommodate heavier items, such as a food processor, slow cooker or microwave.


2. Pull-out shelves

pull out shelves

Source: Decorits


Pull-out shelves make small kitchen appliances easily accessible when needed but tucked away when not in use. The entire drawer pulls out, so the contents are readily accessible. There’s no need to navigate tight spaces.


3. Repurposed filing cabinet

repurposed filing cabinet

Source: Curbly


An old filing cabinet can be transformed into a kitchen cabinet with little more than a lick of paint. The depth, width and height of the drawers are large enough to contain almost any small kitchen appliance and sometimes two or three.


4. Concealed appliance storage

concealed appliance storage

Source: Decoist


An unused corner of the kitchen can be re-imagined as a kitchen appliance hidey-hole. A few widely spaced shelves and a stylish sliding door are the only investments.


5. Standalone storage rack 


standalone storage rack

Source: Pinterest


Storage racks are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. They can be stowed under a counter top, take a position behind the kitchen door or fill the gap in a large section of blank wall.


6. Customised pantry

customised pantry

Source: Decoist


Upscaling the pantry, with appropriately spaced shelving, is a relatively cheap and easy way to modify existing storage space.


7. Tall counter shelves

tall kitchen shelves

Source: Décor Outline


Vertical counter shelves, flanking the hob or kitchen window, create an appealing design statement. They can also hold multiple appliances without taking up more than a few centimetres of workspace.


8. Upcycled wardrobe

upcycled wardrobe

Source: The Furniture Market


An old wardrobe or cupboard has oodles of drawer and shelf space that can be tailored to the dimensions of individual kitchen appliances. The piece can perch against a kitchen wall or be built in as a permanent structure.


9. Shelves above the sink

shelves above the sink

Source: Shelterness


The area above the kitchen sink is the ideal place to store lightweight kitchen appliances, such as the toaster, electric grill and rice steamer. All that’s required are one or two sturdy shelves.


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