Guidelines for storing CDs, DVDs and LPs.

storing cds and dvds

If you’ve spent half your life building up a collection of CDs, DVDs and LPs featuring the best bands and artists, you’ll know how difficult it is to transition to the digital world of streaming and MP3s.


Letting go of a physical music collection is like letting go of the memories that spinning discs always seem to evoke.


Aside from the nostalgia factor, second hand discs, particularly vinyl records, are experiencing a massive resurgence in popularity. Serious collectors are prepared to pay R18 000 and more for collectible LPs in mint condition.


A well-maintained music collection has the potential to become the best investment you’ve ever made… especially if there’s a rare first edition, or an LP featuring a discontinued album cover, hidden amongst the titles.


So, if you’ve got dozens of CDs, DVDs and LPs lying around the house, we recommend you store them away with care. Here are a few storage tips that’ll ensure your discs are properly persevered and protected over the short and long-term.


How to store CDs and DVDs

The best way to store CDs and DVDs is to remove the original paper or plastic sleeves, pop each disc into a jewel case, and stack the cases vertically on an enclosed shelf or shelves.


Heat, humidity and pollutants in the air are the main culprits when it comes to disc degradation. As a result, the optimum storage conditions are in a darkened room, free of dust and moisture, with an ambient temperature of between 16 and 23 degrees Celsius.


Avoid writing or applying labels directly onto the discs, and when you handle them, use the central hub hole and edge of the disc as contact points.


Vinyl LP record storage tips

Vinyl records require a slightly different approach. Ideally, each record should be protected by a paper or plastic inner sleeve, the cardboard album cover, and a plastic outer sleeve. If the original sleeves have not survived or are in poor condition, you can buy replacements online and at most music stores.


Once the vinyl discs are properly protected, pack them vertically onto shelves that have been modified into several cubed or boxed units. Wine crates or purpose-built record boxes are as effective. Avoid stacking the LPs together too tightly – it can damage the covers, warp the records and create ring wear.


Ensure your record collection is stored off the ground, away from direct heat, sunlight, moisture and pet hair, and you’ll be able to stamp, jive and shuffle your way into your golden years!


When to consider XtraSpace self-storage for your music collection

There are times when offsite storage is the best solution for a music collection.


You may want to store your CDs, DVDs and LPs to:

  • free up space at home
  • preserve the original copies (you can listen to digital backups at home)
  • keep your collection safe while you’re away
  • give you time to cherry pick the discs you want and those you’re happy to dispose of
  • keep them safe and out the way while you move home.


At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units that are ideal for storing just about anything, including CDs, DVDs and LPs. We offer round-the-clock security, flexible month-to-month terms, competitive rates and friendly, professional staff. Contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.

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