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Whenever you need to move, ship or store items, there’s a good chance you’ll require suitable packaging materials, such as boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap.


It’s important to protect your items by packing them securely but you also don’t want to add too much to the cost of your move or storage by over-spending on packaging supplies.


Packaging Supplies with Ecobox

Our sister company, Ecobox, offers eco-friendly plastic moving boxes, cardboard boxes in different sizes and a range of packaging materials, at affordable prices.


A significant bonus? You can order the packaging boxes and supplies you require online, and Ecobox will deliver them to your doorstep on the date you specify.


Ecobox also offers pre-assembled home and office moving kits, containing all the moving boxes and packing materials you’re likely to need, given the size of your move.



ecobox reusable plastic box

Ecoboxes are sturdy, reusable plastic moving boxes. They’re stackable and sealable, and ideal even for protecting delicate items.


Each box can be reused up to 400 times. As well as delivering the required number of Ecoboxes to your door, Ecobox will collect them again once you’ve finished using them.


This is a convenient solution if you’re moving home or office, and it means there are no packaging materials to dispose of – protecting the environment, as well as saving you time.


Cardboard boxes

ecobox cardboard box

Cardboard boxes have several advantages if you’re moving. They’re inexpensive, available in a range of sizes, easy to label and fully recyclable. They can also be reused in a number of ways.


The days of driving to your local store and simply asking for free used cardboard boxes are largely over. Most stores now charge for boxes.


It’s also time-consuming and off-putting to have to hunt through dirty, damaged boxes in retailers’ dump areas. Instead, you can simply order the number of cardboard boxes you need online.


Ecobox offers inexpensive single-wall and sturdier double-wall cardboard boxes in a range of sizes. You can choose the number and types of boxes you need, and have them delivered to your doorstep.


Packing materials and accessories

bubble wrap

It’s useful that at the same time as ordering moving boxes, you can order a range of affordable packaging materials.


These include:

  • pallet wrap (clear or black) and good old-fashioned bubble wrap
  • clear packaging tape
  • packing paper for wrapping items like crockery
  • soft tissue paper for wrapping more fragile items, like wine glasses
  • utility knives
  • wine holders, ideal for padding and protecting bottles.

Renting a moving trolley

With Ecobox, you can choose to rent a moving trolley. If you’ll be moving big or heavy items, this is a must for the sake of your back.


Also, moving is that much quicker and easier if you can move multiple boxes at a time.


XtraSpace and Ecobox: a combined moving and storage solution

self storage xtraspace

At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units in a wide range of sizes. These are ideal for storing items before or after a move, and for all your other home or office storage needs.


Ecobox’s offerings complement ours, making it simpler for our customers to pack their items for storage or a move.


Visit our website to find a self-storage branch near you or contact Ecobox to order moving and packaging supplies.

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