moving homeFor many home movers, storage can become a necessity whilst between houses. Xtraspace SelfStorage offers simple solutions for this common situation.

At Xtraspace SelfStorage, we know that domestic storage solutions can also play an important role in the buying and selling process.

De-cluttering your home can play a vital part in improving its saleability. De-cluttering is a popular technique which can often make a property appear more spacious and can make a big impact on potential buyers’ first impressions. By de-personalising your home, it also becomes easier for potential purchasers to visualise the property as their own. A cluttered home will probably take longer to sell and may not achieve the best price.

Storage solutions can also play a role in assisting new home seekers to buy at the best price. The biggest turmoil of most house moves is the timing between the sale and the purchase. Many choose to simplify matters by selling their home first and moving their household effects into a self-storage space. As a ‘clean buyer’ in the market, they are then able to buy quickly and negotiate the best deal on that dream home.

We take pride in offering our customers flexible solutions to meet their needs. Come in and visit one of our branches across the country, or take a branch tour online. You’ll find our solutions are simpler and better.

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