With escalating costs and busy schedules, expanding your existing office space or relocating to larger premises may be low on your list of priorities. However, a few simple steps can help you make the most of the space you have. This applies whether you work in a cramped home office or a small office in formal business premises.


Alternatively, you can consider moving into an XtraSpace Flexi Office. With short-term leases, you can simply move to a larger office if and when you need to.


Reduce office clutter

office clutter

A first obvious step is to clear the clutter. Even a large office space becomes cramped if it’s strewn with stationery, paperwork, books, computer equipment, cables and other items.


A tried and tested method of reducing workplace clutter is to start by sorting through every item and deciding which can be tossed or relocated, and which you absolutely need close at hand. Get rid of unnecessary items and decide on fixed locations for everything else.


Use baskets, drawers, trays and shelves to organise objects, and try to minimize what sits directly on your desk. A good rule is that if it’s not used daily, it shouldn’t be occupying surface space. Also, keep your cables untangled and out of the way.


Each of our Flexi Office facilities provides access to an on-site business centre with print, copy, fax and courier services, so you won’t need to clutter your space with equipment.


Use modular furniture

modular furniture

Having a large desk is impractical if your floor space is limited. Rather get a smaller desk with drawers and shelving for storage. Opt for furniture that’s designed to conceal cables and keep them neatly out of the way.


A number of companies, such as BFS, have developed flexible, modular office furniture and clustered desk systems, which are ideal for making the most of a small office space.


Make your monitor moveable

moveable monitor

Putting your computer monitor on an adjustable stand or arm will make it easy to move it out of the way, freeing up desk space for non-computer-based work.


For something sleek and effective, if somewhat pricey, try the Humanscale Monitor Arm M2, which is a single-arm monitor mount that is both lightweight and ultra-thin. Alternatively, use your handyman skills (or call on someone else) to rig up a simple alternative.


Use vertical storage

vertical storage

Many of us overlook the potential value of wall space. To add storage space to a small office, mount inexpensive floating shelves above your workspace.


You can consider installing cupboards with doors that slide vertically, or other clever, space-saving storage units like corner desks.


Movibloc from APC Storage Solutions SA is a shelving unit that slides horizontally on its base to open up when needed, eliminating the need for aisles between storage units.


With Christmas approaching, you might also consider “gifting” yourself with something like the Lenovo ThinkPad Stack. This is a group of boxy accessories, including a Bluetooth speaker, a power bank, an external hard drive, and an access point for sharing your Wi-Fi signal, that stack together vertically to save space.


Do away with large presentation screens

presentation screen small

For presentations, consider buying a compact projector that can be packed away easily, rather than installing large screens and monitors that take up surface or wall space. Also get a screen that rolls up and down, rather than designating an entire wall to projecting.


Our Melrose Arch, Morningside Manor, Wynberg and Sunninghill Flexi Office facilities offer tenants use of on-site boardrooms with videoconferencing facilities and presentation screens, so you don’t need space for these in the office space you lease.


Phase out paper archives

cloud storage

Consider scanning documents and storing them on a cloud-enabled device, rather than keeping physical copies. This may save a significant amount of space, making filing cabinets and messy folders unnecessary.


The Brother DS-920DW Wireless Duplex Mobile Color Page Scanner is an example of a compact scanner that scans single- and double-sided documents. The DS-920DW has Wi-Fi capabilities, so your scans can be transferred wirelessly to any computer or other compatible devices.


Alternatively, the HDD-WD My Cloud Mirror is a personal cloud storage device that comes in different capacities, ranging from 2 terabytes to 6 terabytes.


A Flexi Office from XtraSpace

flexi offices

Flexi Offices are the ideal alternative for modern entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to make efficient, cost-effective use of office space.


As well as business centres and a range of business services, our Flexi Office facilities offer the use of onsite boardrooms and meeting rooms. This means you can entertain clients in style, without forking out the monthly rental for a large office space or being locked into a long lease.


For information about Flexi Office facilities near you, check the list of our Flexi Office branches or contact us on 01 09 777 777.


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