A guide for finding and using affordable long-term storage in South Africa.

long term storage in south africa

No matter what you need to store, our in-depth guide will ensure you find the best long-term storage solution in South Africa for your needs.


Long-term storage definition

There isn’t a rigid definition in the industry for what long-term storage is. Any period longer than 90 days is generally considered long-term. To give you a better idea, long-term storage is usually needed in these types of scenarios:

  • working overseas for a few months up to a year
  • studying abroad for a semester
  • travelling for an extended period
  • storing household items during renovations
  • storing seasonal items like sports equipment or winter clothes
  • hardcopy backups and archives of documentation.

How much does long-term storage cost?

Long-term storage terms depend mostly on the size of the storage unit, its location and the condition of the storage space.


Cheap long-term storage isn’t hard to find. Be careful not to use price as your only consideration. You risk getting a storage space that’s dirty, prone to damp and insecure.


Ideally, look for long-term storage units that are clean, dry and secure with a range of sizes and flexible month-to-month terms. Storage units start from as little as R300 per month.


Long-term storage tips

If you’re storing items for longer than a couple of months, get insurance in case of theft or fire. Some storage facilities include this in the fees or will arrange it on your behalf. Make sure you check this upfront.


Packing for long-term storage

Long-term storage requires more care in choosing a storage facility and packing your items. When packing your belongings for long-term storage, remember these tips:

  • don’t place heavier items on items that might dent or mark
  • remove batteries from electronic items
  • label boxes clearly
  • use quality boxes and packing materials
  • avoid wrapping items in plastic to avoid condensation
  • ensure all items are dry to avoid mould
  • leave large appliance doors ajar.

Choosing a long-term storage facility

When looking at long-term storage units, find a storage facility that has a large range of sizes. You can choose a unit that suits your space requirements and won’t spend more than necessary. Other considerations include:

  • 24/7 security and CCTV monitoring
  • flexible contract
  • 24-hour access
  • the cancellation policy
  • the ability to upgrade or downgrade as requirements change
  • specials or discounts for long-term clients.

Long-term furniture storage

Furniture is one of the most common household items in long-term storage. This is usually due to renovations, relocation or space constraints.


Long-term furniture storage options

If you know you’re going to be storing furniture items long-term, you will benefit from a long-term storage contract. It won’t be as flexible as a month-to-month contract, but it can work out cheaper per month.


If you need long-term furniture storage because you’re going to be out of the country, you have the option of setting up a debit order. This ensures payments are up to date while you’re away. Alternatively, you can pay via internet banking.


There are many size options available for long-term storage. You should have no trouble finding storage space for your furniture, even if it’s an entire household’s worth.


Long-term furniture storage costs

Long-term furniture storage costs will depend on how much furniture you need to store. The location of the storage facility can also impact price.


Larger storage spaces tend to cost more. This depends on the type of contract. Storage facilities often have special deals for long-term furniture storage.


Long-term clothes storage

Seasonal clothes are along the most commonly stored clothing items. These tips will ensure your clothes comes out of long-term clothing storage as good as new.

  • store clothing that’s clean and completely dry
  • use padded hangers
  • don’t hang delicate fabrics that might stretch
  • considering rolling items
  • separate items with breathable tissue paper – not plastic
  • use silica gel packets to avoid damp and mould
  • only use clean and dry storage units.

Long-term car storage

If you need to leave a car parked somewhere for more than three weeks, put it in long-term storage. This is more secure and cars left parked for more than a few days on the side of the road or in a car park run the risk of being stolen or reported as abandoned.


Long-term car storage tips

Some tips for preparing your car for long-term storage include:

  • clean and polish your car
  • avoid tyre flat spots by jacking the car up in storage
  • leave the wipers up and off the windshield
  • remove anything inside that might leak
  • don’t leave the handbrake on – use chocks to keep the vehicle in place
  • remove the battery and the sparkplugs
  • use an all-weather cover for outdoor storage.

Long-term vehicle storage in Johannesburg

Vehicle storage is often needed by people heading out of town. So it’s convenient to have access to long-term vehicle storage near the airport.


XtraSpace’s Kempton Park branch is minutes from OR Tambo International Airport. It offers storage for cars, trucks, trailers and caravans.


Other areas in Johannesburg where we offer long-term vehicle storage are Vereeniging, Alberton, Brakpan, Sandton and Edenvale.


Long-term vehicle storage in Cape Town

If you need vehicle storage in Cape Town, our storage facility in Airport Industria near Cape Town International Airport offers storage for cars, trucks, caravans and trailers.


The other Cape Town branches that offer vehicle storage are Bellville and Kraaifontein.


Long-term car storage near me

Looking for long-term vehicle storage in South Africa? XtraSpace has vehicle storage at most branches for cars, boats, trucks, trailers and caravans.


Here’s the full list of XtraSpace branches that offer vehicle storage:

Long-term storage with XtraSpace

At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units that are ideal for long-term storage in South Africa. Contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.


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