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At XtraSpace, we’re delighted to be disrupting the traditional warehousing industry with a brand new warehousing service.


There are no leases, no deeds and no setup costs – and you pay only for the space you need.


Challenges associated with traditional warehousing

Traditional warehousing requires a long-term commitment and significant financial outlay. Neither of these requirements tends to be a good fit for small to medium businesses or entrepreneurs.


Especially for SMEs and start-ups, business needs and associated storage requirements can change quickly.


Even more established companies may experience frequent or seasonal fluctuations in customer demand and, accordingly, in the levels of inventory or merchandise they need to store.


Start-up and smaller businesses also face unavoidable fluctuations in cash flow, and may not be in a financial position to commit to leasing, setting up, staffing and maintaining a full warehouse space.


On-demand warehousing with XtraSpace

XtraSpace’s brand new warehousing concept is reshaping the warehousing industry in South Africa. It’s opening it up to smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.


For the first time, flexible warehousing space and fulfilment services are available on demand.


Tell us how much warehousing space you require and where, and XtraSpace will work with its extensive network of warehouse partners to find just the space you need – in a warehouse that’s already staffed and operational.


Optimise your supply chain

Using our new warehousing service, you can optimise your supply chain by placing your inventory or merchandise in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price.


Our approach to warehousing is ideal for manufacturers, retailers and traders of all sizes, including smaller businesses.


Reduce storage costs

With our warehousing service, you can hire as much or as little space as you need, for as long as you need it, on flexible terms. This means you won’t end up paying for unnecessary or unutilised storage space.


Also, our warehousing solutions come with logistical support – including security and staffing – already in place. So you won’t have to pay for security and other staff, or cover setup and property maintenance costs.



When your needs change, you can change your warehousing space accordingly. If you suddenly need storage space, you won’t have to waste time searching for a suitable property or negotiating a lease.


Similarly, if you no longer require warehouse space, simply move out. No long-term agreement will force you to pay for space you don’t need.


Our warehousing service is also a good temporary warehousing option if you’re renovating your business premises, relocating or opening remote branches.


Benefits for warehouse owners

Warehouse owners who join our network can benefit by leasing out otherwise unused space in their facilities. Our system will enable you to maximise the value of your floor space 364 days a year.


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