Have a small apartment? That doesn’t mean you can’t throw an awesome party!

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Throwing a party in cramped quarters doesn’t have to be a challenge – it can be cosy, fun and convivial. All it takes is a bit of careful planning and the creative use of space, and you can transform a penny-sized student pad or apartment into a perfect party venue.


If you’re in the early stages of arranging a party, try some of our small space entertainment tips to help ensure that your party is a roaring success.


Clear the clutter

Clear the apartment of all the items and pieces of furniture you’re not planning to use on the night. Tables, chairs, bookcases, desks and sideboards can easily be stacked, ceiling high, in one of the bedrooms.


Smaller items – magazines, books, sports gear, devices, ornaments and kitchen appliances – can be packed into a container and stored offsite.


Create a cool comfort zone

An intimate party can work really well, but if the venue is overheated, you’ll find your guests will depart as soon as they can.


Create a cool and welcoming entertainment area by opening all the windows and doors, turning up the air conditioner or strategically placing a few fans around the room to circulate the air. This will also keep the ambient temperature comfortable even once your apartment is packed with people.


Also offer appropriately chilled welcome cocktails and an adequate supply of ice, and your party is bound to be a hit.


Opt for informal seating solutions

You can maximise the available space by opting for informal seating solutions rather than chairs. Throw a few outsized cushions or single mattresses covered in attractive blankets on the floor so your guests can lean back against the wall.


Think about rigging up one or two hammocks in window bays, a yard or on a balcony. This will create the illusion of space and free up the centre of the room for dancing. It will also help create a more relaxed and intimate ambience.


Take the gig outside

An easy way to accommodate lots of guests is to extend the party area into an outdoor space. Turn the balcony into a food and drinks bar and, subject to your neighbours’ consent, take over available communal space, for example in the garden, on a rooftop or around a pool.


Alternatively, plan a street or block party and transform a shared outdoor area into an attractive entertainment venue using balloons, candles, fairy lights, paraffin lamps and other creative décor.


Have a small mobile menu

If you’re planning to serve food at the party, stick to just one or two items you can prepare well ahead of time. Prego rolls, yummy wraps and pastries – sweet and savoury – are great fill-me-ups your guests can enjoy as they mingle and chat.


You can serve these casual food items with a couple of serviettes rather than plates, saving you time and effort – and reducing the need for table space. Alternatively, a cold buffet laid out on a patio or in the kitchen can work a treat.


At XtraSpace, we offer affordable, secure storage that’s ideal if you’re planning a party in a small apartment and want to free up space.

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