jewelleryBefore storing jewellery it’s important to prepare it properly so that it will stay in good condition during storage. The following tips will help you do just this:



Over time, exposure to skin oil, hairspray, household chemicals and other corrosive substances can tarnish and even corrode metal jewellery, whether it’s gold, silver, platinum or another metal. Before storing it, you should therefore clean it properly. To do this, you can make a simple cleaning mixture consisting of one tablespoon each of salt, baking soda and dishwashing liquid in one cup of warm water. Using the mixture and a soft-bristled toothbrush, give each of your items a good scrub. Then rinse the items and dry them thoroughly. Ideally use a soft cloth or towel to dry jewellery, and then leave it for a period to air dry.


Note, though, that precious stones set in jewellery should be kept dry or at least exposed to moisture as little as possible. This is because glue may have been used to secure them, and moisture can cause the glue to loosen and release.



Once you’ve cleaned and dried the items of jewellery you plan to store, it’s time to pack them. It’s important to do this properly so that there’s no danger of the items being damaged.


The best way to store jewellery is in a proper lockable jewellery box that comes with cushioned, well-sealed compartments. These are designed to keep jewellery from becoming loose or tangled, and to protect jewellery from moisture or humidity.


If you don’t have a spare jewellery box, a simple but effective alternative is to store your jewellery in an egg carton lined with cotton wool or paper towel. Once the jewellery is all in, fill up any empty space in the carton with more cotton wool or paper towel to add more protection from both moisture and impact. Close the carton, seal it up with wrapping tape and place it in another box, preferably containing something soft and bulky like towels, linen or blankets.


The divisions in the cartons, along with the soft recycled cardboard material, will keep items of jewellery separate and protect them from damp. Of course, make sure that the cartons are clean before you use them.


Storage Location

Whether you’re moving home and need to store your valuables temporarily or just want to keep your jewellery safe, self-storage is the way to go. XtraSpace provides 24-hour CCTV coverage and onsite security, ensuring that any items you store will be kept safe.


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