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South Africa’s braai season is fast heading to a close. Within the next month or so, it’s likely there will be a lot less call for portable outdoor cooking stations, like Webers, charcoal braais and stainless steel gas grillers.


Grill and braai storage tips

To keep braai and grill equipment in optimal condition over the winter, follow these tips:

  • ensure the grill or braai is spotlessly clean and free of fat or grease, inside and out; you can use soapy hot water or de-greasing detergents to get the job done
  • if you have a stainless steel cooking appliance, apply a protective layer of stainless steel polish to prevent corrosion
  • if you have a gas braai, remove the gas cylinder and store it in an upright position in a well-ventilated area, away from electrical points and direct sunlight
  • close all the air vents on a Weber
  • if possible, invest in a braai cover (or improvise and make your own)
  • ensure your braai is completely dry before you put on the cover and pop it into the self-storage unit.


Challenges involved in storing braai equipment

To keep grilling and braai equipment in good condition, it should be stored somewhere dry and well-ventilated. Unfortunately, these bulky items, along with braai grids and utensils, can eat up valuable storage space, indoors or in a garage.


Add items like rotisserie motors and accessories, stainless steel griddles and braai pans, drip trays, roast holders and the all-important tongs, and braai equipment can clutter up even a large home.


Self-storage: best winter grill and braai protection

An ideal solution is to store grill and braai equipment in a self-storage unit. This will keep the equipment safe and dry, while freeing up space you can put to better use at home.


XtraSpace branches nationwide offer self-storage units in a wide range of sizes. Even a smaller unit can easily accommodate a gas or charcoal braai with a dome cooker hood, two-door cabinets and a warming drawer, with room to spare for all your braai tools and accessories. This makes self-storage a cost-effective option.


Note, however, that most self-storage facilities do not accept flammable items – so you’ll have to find a safe, well-ventilated area at home for any gas cylinders.


Unlimited access for occasional warm days

An advantage of self-storage is that you can access your unit and retrieve items at any time during office hours. So whenever there’s a warm winter spell or you’re planning a special weekend or public holiday braai, you can easily retrieve the equipment you need.


Super secure braai storage

All XtraSpace storage facilities are protected through access control, security guards, 24-hour CCTV monitoring and fire safety systems – and once you rent a unit, you can lock it and keep the key.


So you can rest assured that your equipment, including smaller items, will be safe over the winter season.


If you’re looking for secure, affordable storage for your grill and braai equipment, contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.


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