comic booksWhether you collect comic books just for fun or are a serious collector hoping one day to cash in on your investment, it’s important to protect your DC/Marvel treasures properly before putting them in storage. Follow this handy guide to make sure that your comics are in the same condition when you retrieve them as when you put them in storage.


Wash your hands

Before handling your comics, make sure your hands are completely clean and free of oil and grime. If you’ll be handling a rare or valuable comic, it’s also a good idea to wear gloves, although this may be a step too far for a casual collector.


Bag them

Place each comic book in a plastic sleeve, together with a sturdy backing board that will prevent it from bending or creasing, and protect its spine. If you plan on storing your comics for a long time, note that the bags and backing boards should be replaced about once per year. This helps prevent any transfer of ink from the pages to the bag, and any transfer of dirt or oil from the board to the book.



Simply placing all your comics in the same box isn’t an ideal approach. If there’s a particular edition that you’re looking for, the last thing you want is to damage other comics while rummaging around for it. It’s up to you whether you organize your comics by date or by the publisher, by rarity or even by monetary value. Just make sure you’ll know where to look to find each comic. If you need to be particularly careful about your collection, don’t just place it in any old boxes. Instead look online or at a local comic book store for acid-free comic boxes, which will help protect your comic books from damage.



XtraSpace self-storage units offer the perfect climatic conditions for storing comic books, so you don’t have to worry about dehumidifiers or the problems that come with dank, dusty attics. For extra protection though, consider placing the acid-free boxes you use to store your comic books inside a wooden cabinet.


Whether you’re looking to store something as rare as Action Hero Comics #1 or the total collection of the latest incarnation of Marvel’s X-Men Academy, XtraSpace has ideally sized, secure self-storage units that you can access 24/7.


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