Simple steps to packing and storing a flat-screen TV.

how to store a tv in south africa

A flat-screen TV is bulky, fragile and contains electronic components that are sensitive to dust, humidity and extreme temperatures, so special care is required when storing one.


Here’s how to pack and store a TV in South Africa for a move or while it’s in a self-storage unit.


Know your TV’s enemy

Along with humidity, dust is a TV’s number one enemy.


It infiltrates the gap between the screen and the electronics, invades the inner workings and creates a fine build-up of particles on the screen’s glass.


The tiniest amount can jam up the works and produce fine scratches on the inside and outside of the screen.


Blow away any dust

Prior to storage, your first priority is to remove any dust.


A compressed air duster is the most effective way to eliminate dust. Online and retail stores like Takealot, Makro and Incredible Connection stock a range of air dusters for around R150.


Alternatively, use a soft microfibre cloth or duster to wipe down the back and front of the TV. This method is less effective because it only tackles the dust build-up on the outer shell and screen.


How to pack your TV for maximum protection

The key to protecting your TV is to pack it properly.


If you’ve kept the original box, dust cover and polystyrene moulds, simply remove the stand and cables, and re-insert the TV into the custom packaging.


If you’ve discarded the box, leading removals and storage companies usually sell flat-screen TV boxes.


Before you insert the TV into the box, wrap it into a tight-fitting dust cover or two layers of bubble-wrap.


Ensure you plug any gaps around the TV with polystyrene chips to provide extra cushioning and protection. If you live in a humid area of South Africa, like Kwa-Zulu Natal or Mpumalanga, throw a few desiccant sachets into the box as moisture control.


Remember to seal and label the box, back and front, indicating which side is up.


The TV stand can be wrapped in plastic and placed in its own labelled box, together with the cables. We recommend you label each cable individually, loosely coil them together and use a rubber band or cable tie to hold them in place.


How to store a TV safely

The only way to store a TV is in an upright position.


If you can slide the box in between two flat surfaces, so much the better.


Alternatively, store the TV in a remote corner of the unit, away from other goods and chattels so there’s less chance of an expensive accident.


What to look for in a self-storage unit

Ideally you want to store your TV in an upscale and well-maintained storage unit. It should be clean, dry and fully secure.


Extremes in temperatures can warp and disfigure your TV, so make sure the unit is properly sealed and stored items aren’t exposed to direct sunlight.


Why use XtraSpace as your TV storage provider?

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