how to store a trailer

If you need trailer storage, XtraSpace can help – many of our branches nationwide offer secure, affordable bays, ideal for storing trailers and campers.


Before you store a trailer for any length of time, though, it’s important to take some simple steps. Long-term storage can be surprisingly damaging to a trailer if it’s not done properly.


Remove the battery

If your trailer has a battery, disconnect it and store it separately. It also makes sense to charge the battery every two to three months to make sure it’s ready to go when you need it again.


Inflate the tyres

Leaving a trailer in the same spot for a lengthy period can weaken the tyres, leading to flat spots and cracking.


To protect the tyres, make sure the trailer is fully unloaded and inflate the tyres to the recommended tyre pressure, plus 25% – although don’t exceed the inflation capacity specified by the rim manufacturer.


Also, aim to move the trailer at least once every three months or so.


Put it on bricks

If possible, prevent unnecessary wear on the suspension by raising your trailer on bricks or breezeblocks. This will prevent the full weight of the trailer resting on the tyres and suspension during the time it’s in storage. Just make sure that the trailer is secure and can’t topple or shift.


Leave the brake off

If your trailer has an emergency brake, leave it off. Having it on while in storage will put undue strain on the brake in the long term. Instead, either chock the wheels or raise your trailer as per the previous tip.


Clean it thoroughly

Make sure you haven’t left the trailer dirty, muddy or wet. Any moisture can result in rust that, over time, could eat through the metal sides or floors.


Pay special attention to areas with grooves or under any rubber matting.


Lubricate moving parts

Using grease or lubricating oil, coat any moving part to prevent rust or seizing. The trailer hitch, suspension parts, and any hinges or movable handles should be given a coat of lubricant after cleaning.


Invest in a cover

A cover will prevent any excess dust or dirt settling on your trailer while it’s in storage. Particularly if your trailer is being stored outdoors, a cover will give added protection from the elements.


However, ensure that the cover you use is “breathable”, or it’s far more likely that you’ll have a mould problem after a prolonged period of storage.


Outdoor versus indoor

While indoor or close storage (such as a garage) is ideal, undercover outdoor storage is also fine as long as necessary precautions are taken. Make sure moisture can’t get into any electrical parts.


Keep the trailer covered, and store the battery separately, indoors.


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