how to store a surfboard

Ocean activities are fun and exhilarating. But when the seasons change, finding an appropriate indoor storage space for your surfboard or windsurfing gear can be a challenge.


The size and scale of the equipment means that it’s not simply a matter of stashing it in an unused corner of your home. The better option is to find a neat, dry and clean self-storage unit located close to the beach.


But before you store your surfboard or windsurfer for the off-season, here are a few helpful self-storage tips that will extend your enjoyment on the high seas.


Surfboard storage tips

A surfboard may be large, heavy and robust, but it is also vulnerable to certain conditions. Extreme heat and humidity can actually change the structure of the board, rendering it useless.


Storing a board outside is not advisable. It’ll dry out, delaminate and crack over time.


Salt and sand are key destroyers of almost all sporting gear. Before you store your board, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water and towel it dry.


Strip off old wax as it can become messy and mouldy over time. Remove the leash and pop it, together with the board, into a board bag.


The best way to store a surfboard is on a wooden board rack. You can easily make one yourself or buy a rack at the local surf shop.


Whatever you do, do not stack heavy items on your board, or lean it against the wall of the unit.


How to store your windsurfing gear

Packing your windsurfing gear properly is the first step to an extended lifespan, in and out of storage. If you want your board, sail, mast and lines to be in tip-top condition, you must remove all signs of salt and sand, and leave the equipment outside to dry.


When hosing down the windsurfer with fresh water, pay special attention to the pockets and seams on the sail, and the foot straps and mast track on the board. Remove all the lines and wind them onto the winder in a figure of eight.


Lay the dry sail flat and start rolling it into a tight roll, starting at the head and working your way down. This will ensure there are no creases or wrinkles in the sail when you slide it into the bag.


Remember to pack all the bits and pieces into the bag – spars, lines and leading edges – and zip it up to avoid insect damage.


Best self-storage for surfing gear

self storage

When choosing a suitable self-storage facility, it’s good to check that it offers:

  • storage space that’s clean, dry and secure
  • a competitive, flexible rental agreement
  • storage at a central location with anytime access
  • reliable security measures.

At XtraSpace, we provide impeccably clean, dry self-storage units in sizes ideal for storing surfboards, windsurfers and other water sports equipment. We offer short, flexible rental agreements and have branches in central locations across the country. All our facilities are protected by guards, access control and 24/7 CCTV monitoring.


Contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.


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